Ethics and mandatory vaccinations

Yesterday a woman died in New Zealand due to the Pfizer vaccination. So far New Zealand has reported 26 deaths due to Covid and one death due to the vaccination. It is already mandatory in New Zealand for workers in health care, at quarantine facilities, and at ports and airports to be vaccinated. It is not universally mandatory but the peer pressure to get vaccinated around the world is enormous. Probably between 100 and 200 have died globally directly from the side-effects of vaccines. It may even be more, but globally, statistics for deaths due to vaccination are very difficult to come by. The number of deaths is, no doubt, very small but it has become politically incorrect to report the deaths due to vaccination. More and more workplaces and services are now demanding vaccination certificates. Vaccination passports have been suggested as a qualification to travel, enter workplaces and restaurants and shopping areas. 

The woman who died in New Zealand of the vaccine, would not have died if she had not received it. She may have died later of Covid or other causes, or she may not have. She had a known pre-condition which led to the vaccine causing her death, though it was not known in advance that she would die. Her risk was not 1 in several million. Her risk of dying – in hindsight – was 100%. Taking the vaccine, for her, was a death sentence. If her vaccination had been mandatory, it would have been an execution of an innocent person by the majority due to ignorance. The issue is not whether the risk of death by vaccination is 1 in 10 million or 1 in 100,000. The issue is that for the unknown few who are susceptible, the chance of death is certain. It is one thing to voluntarily take a a 1 in 100,000 risk. It is something else I think, to be coerced to pull the trigger yourself in a game of Russian Roulette where the gun has 1 bullet in a chamber of 100,000. Mandatory vaccination would sacrifice those few who would be killed by the vaccine for the greater good.

If mandatory vaccination of the many, causes the death of a few, the greater good has no doubt been been served. But a few innocent people are effectively executed. Which means that the majority are justified in killing – by ignorance rather than intention –  a few for the greater good

My wife and I have had both shots of the AstraZeneca vaccination. Fortunately, we suffered no serious side-effects. We still try to avoid crowds and intentionally meeting the unvaccinated, even though, if we have developed protection, our risk would be low. Of course, we don’t really know how much protection we have actually developed.

In perceived emergencies, individuals are coercively subordinated to the greater good. Excesses by a majority against individuals are increasingly allowed.

But I could not support vaccinations becoming coerced by being made mandatory. 


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  1. Ted Reed Says:

    Have followed you for years. Always very interesting. So glad to hear you have survived or been spared Covid experience and any vaccine complications

    I wonder if your tally of vaccine deaths is low? And what if the those maimed by the vaccine ?

    I’m reading the death toll in the states is more than prior 20+ Yrs of vaccine death tolls .. are we still in rational point of sacrificing a few for the many .. where’s the line.

    Does the line depend on the virus hazard .. Ie x % vs widespread Ebola or equal vs extra strong flu

    And how does the equation change when one could / should have simply vacate just those at risk ? Like the flu ?

    The pressure & leverage to take the vaccine is growing here in the states . It’s being pushed (Ie no school or no sports) upon the least at risk .. the young and absurdly upon those who already have natural antibodies via prior infection

    Meanwhile big pharma makes billions

    Ps. Should we consider the current “vaccines” a therapeutic or a vaccine ? Why not other therapeutics ?


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