World Cup: The last 16

With the knock-out phase coming up perhaps we will see a little more purposeful and attractive brand of football.

Six teams left from Europe, 5 from S. America, 2 each from N. America and Asia and only one team from Africa. The work ethic and team spirit of Japan and S. Korea is in marked contrast to that of some of the teams from Europe. Italy and France notwithstanding it is not so much the eclipse of Europe as the rise of Asia and N. America. Africa did not live up to the expectations. Australia and N. Zealand should not have been there.

My current favourites are Argentina followed by Brazil and Germany. Japan may still cause a few  surprises.

Brazil against Portugal today has the potential to be a great match but will probably be rather dull.

Maybe I am getting used to the sound but the Vuvuzela does not seem as intrusive as it did in the first week.

photo: Japan v. Denmark

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  1. glenn watson Says:

    new zealand should not have been there…you berk!

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