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The difference

December 8, 2014

Dress code for football coaches.

The key difference of course being that European football coaches are more formally dressed than the US football coaches.

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No pay, no play

February 1, 2014
Spelarna stod stilla i protest.

Racing Santander players refused to play since they haven’t been payed for a number of months

My sympathies – for a change – are with the footballers and the Santander fans and not with the Club administrators.

Daily Mail: Racing Santander have been banned from next year’s Copa del Rey after they refused to play their quarter-final second-leg tie against Real Sociedad on Thursday night in protest at not being paid since September. 

Earlier in the week the players had said they would only play if the club’s president resigned.

In the statement on Monday, Racing captain Mario Fernandez said the players had not been paid for a number of months despite promises they would be.

With still no response to that ultimatum throughout the week, Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) chief Luis Rubiales met with the Racing players and coaching staff in Santander on Thursday, and afterwards he confirmed there had been no change in the team’s stance.

Rubiales told a press conference: ‘If at 2100 (CET) the Racing board is the same as now, they will not play.

‘The squad decided something last Monday which they made public, and they continue thinking exactly the same, that if the current board has not resigned by the time of the game they are not going to play. They have the complete backing of the AFE, as always.’

Rubiales reminded the Racing players at the meeting that ‘there are rules and their decision not to play could have consequences, but they are strong and united and we have to be together with them’.

Racing Santander League Table

Greece stays in the Euro! Football or is it the state of the European Union?

June 18, 2012

Football as the indicator for politics??

Greece and the Czechs stay in but Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Poland, the Netherlands and Russia are already out. Germany stay in comfortably while Portugal scrape through.

Today’s matches will probably see Spain staying in and Italy may edge out Croatia while Ireland are already out.

And tomorrow France and England will probably confirm that they stay in and the second host nation Ukraine will also probably crash out.

A football match is a great leveller.

And so is the European Union – but unfortunately it levels down to the Lowest Participating Economy (LPE). How the profligacies of the tiny economy that is Greece can shake the mighty European Union is still a mystery. But the Greek voters seem to have realised that remaining subsidised by the Eurozone is probably their best option. In the long run however it is probably best for the Euro that the Eurozone shrink and for any monetary union to wait for a true fiscal and political union – which is at least some 200 years away.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

The useless trappings of the bureaucracy in Brussels and the pig-trough that is the European Parliament need to be dismantled. Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain need to to leave the EMU. Sweden and Denmark and Finland need to get out from under the weight of oppression of Brussels. Poland and the Czech republic would grow faster without the shackles of the EU. There is no flair or brilliance on display in European politics which is suffocating, smothered by “consensus” and political correctness. Individualism and excellence have become “undemocratic”. Unlike politics, football still allows for excellence and flair and individual brilliance — a la Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Gomez.

“Fake Togo football team” con

September 15, 2010
Passport of Togo

Image via Wikipedia

A most enterprising “agent”.

I cannot help but admire the cheek and the scope of the con. It is in the same league as “selling the Eiffel Tower“.

  1. Take a country which most people couldn’t find on a map (Togo)
  2. Take another country which is rich but not a front-line football nation (Bahrain).
  3. Short-circuit communication links by internet and e-mail between the football federations of Bahrain and Togo.
  4. Arrange a friendly international match to be played in the rich country.
  5. Show-up for the international match with a full team of officials and players (from where? on what passports?)
  6. Take full benefit of all on offer to the visiting team from the friendly (rich) host federation.
  7. Do a little gold trading and any other little money laundering needed on the side.
  8. Play the match – even though the players are huffing and panting after a few minutes.
  9. Leave the country before the sh** hits the fan

The Telegraph:

Bahrain won the friendly 3-0 but they were surprised by the poor quality of the Togolese team with head coach Josef Hickersberger describing the match in Riffa on Sept 7 as “boring” and “a wasted opportunity”. Togo sports minister Christophe Chao told Jeune Afrique: “Nobody has ever been informed of such a game. We will conduct investigations to uncover all those involved in this case.”

According to the Gulf Daily News, BFA vice-president Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa confirmed Bahrain went through all the correct channels in organising the match. Shaikh Ali added all the paperwork received before the friendly were officially signed and stamped from the Togolese Football Federation.

The publication went on to report a letter listed a 20-member Togo team, including each player’s passport number and date of birth.

However, a completely different list of 18 players was provided by a team official a few minutes before the start of the match.

The Bahrain Football Association (BFA) said it had been arranged under all the usual official procedures and through an agent they had known for several years.

The real Togo team.

Ahmadinejad does not like Paul !

July 29, 2010

I had expected that Paul, after his World Cup exploits would enjoy a peaceful retirement. Poor chap.

Unfortunately he has been taken to represent all that is reprehensible in modern culture by no less an authority than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Poor chap!

The Daily Telegraph reports that Ahmadinejad claims that the octopus is a symbol of decadence and decay among “his enemies”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attacks Octopus Paul

Considering that octopuses only have a 4 year life span let us hope he does not have to face any fatwas or assassination attempts. He deserves a peaceful retirement with a surfeit of mussels – preferably 5 times a day.

A Russian bookmaker is offering the Sea Life Center in Oberhausen, Germany 100,000 euros ($129,800) for the octopus. Given that the Sea Life Center recently turned down offers from Spain to buy Paul, it’s unlikely he’ll be moving anytime soon.

Back again

July 19, 2010
  1. Watched the World Cup final at a bar in Bilbao. Spain were worthy winners but watch out for Germany in the next 2 Cups. Thank goodness it did not go to penalties. The Dutch approach was a little disturbing. The celebrations in Bilbao were not as exuberant as shown on TV in Madrid. Not too many Spanish flags to be seen.
  2. Paul (Pablo) the psychic octopus can retire with flying colours. He should be granted free Spanish mussels for life. A psychic elephant (named Bua) has been discovered in Sweden!
  3. Southern hemisphere suffering from a cold wave. Even after the record winter in the Northern Hemisphere, alarmists still persist in believing that 2010 will be the hottest year ever!!! But the “homogenisation” of data to show this is less than convincing.
  4. La Nina conditions are establishing themselves and cool temperature for the next few years are likely. However, also coming is major drop of .5 to .7C in the global temps which will take us below normal for a time. In addition, the reason for the drop will easily be linked with the cooling of the Pacific, which will remain in its cool stage for the next 30 years. Once the Atlantic, still warm, goes into its cool stage in 10-15 years, global temps will fall even further, back to where they were in the 1970s. Some of the warming alarmists of today were alarmist about a coming ice age in 1976.
  5. The sun is remarkably quiet and undershooting even the low predictions for Solar Cycle 24 for flux and sunspot numbers. Perhaps SC24 will even undershoot SC5. Landscheidt minimum probability is increasing.

Germany 3 Uruguay 2:

July 10, 2010

Paul (or Pablo) the octopus gets it right again. So far a 100% record for Paul in this World Cup.

A good performance by both teams and especially Germany without 3 key players. Germany are going to be a force to be reckoned with for the next 2 World Cups.

I have to travel to Spain on Sunday and should arrive in time for the final. I am looking forward to watching the match in a suitable bar.

Spanish citizenship for Pablo the Psychic Octopus?

July 10, 2010

Though Paul, who was born in the UK predicts that Germany will win tonight’s third place match, he has also predicted a win for Spain in tomorrows final.

In Germany there are now various suggestions of how Paul should be sliced, squashed, marinaded, fried, broiled, grilled or baked.

All of Paul’s predictions have been true in this World Cup. In Spain there are moves  to rechristen him Pablo and provide him with Spanish citizenship. Spain’s defensive midfielder Sergio Busquets said Friday that the Spaniards are in love with the octopus and and out of gratitude they want to re-christen it Pablo.

“We guess it is a Spanish octopus. We are in love with it and want to name it Pablo,” said Busquets.

Paul’s predictions require the choice of mussels but whether he will take to paella is not known. Paul’s religious and political affiliations are also not known.

But I think Paul is quite safe. His keeper’s at Sea Life Oberhausen are seeing a marked increase in the number of visitors to the aquarium and it it can be expected that Paul’s psychic abilities will be tested in new fields when the World Cup is over.

Silly Season

July 9, 2010

It’s summer even here in Sweden and the silly stories are coming thick and fast:

  1. Speculation and fantasy become real when coated with science. Carbon emissions threaten fish populations
  2. Inquiries set up by an establishment do tend to support the establishment that feeds them. The Pearce Inquiry into the Climategate scandal found evidence that emails had been deleted to avoid revealing them but concluded that the science was sound!
  3. There is a movement to convert Paul the Octopus to calamari since all his predictions are correct and he could remove all the suspense before Sunday’s World Cup final. Perhaps his keepers should shift Paul’s predictions to something less dangerous – Global warming or the stock market come to mind.
  4. The Met Office has signed a new 5 year deal with the BBC although they might still have to correct their forecasts for a hot summer to account for floods. It is however understood to involve a “significant” reduction in cost, according to BBC sources.
  5. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has defended his science body’s work, saying any errors in its reports were minor.
  6. Increase of Antarctic sea ice taken to be proof of the effect of greenhouse gases.

No comment needed.

The Octopus Strikes again

July 8, 2010

I returned just in time to watch the match. My forecast (hope) about Germany was wrong and Spain is in the World Cup final for the first time ever.

Good Luck to them but I pick Holland for the final –  3rd time lucky perhaps?

Ramos was a disgrace. A great pity that he does not just rely on his indisputable skill and feels it necessary to play dirty.

Germany had their chances but Spain just edged it. The burden of beating the prediction by Paul the Octopus was just too much for Schweinsteiger and his manschaft. Özil was impressive again- but he needs a little more stamina to last the entire 90 minutes.

Paul the octopus

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