World Cup: The view from the bottom

After the group matches:

The ball is a loser. The Jabulani ball is unpredictable and flies through the air too easily. Long crosses have been unusually erratic. Goal kicks are routinely reaching the opposing goalkeeper.

N. Korea and Cameroon lost all their 3 group matches.

Algeria and Honduras scored no goals at all.

France, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon, New Zealand, Italy, N. Korea and Honduras had no wins.

Uruguay, Argentina, USA, England, Holland, N. Zealand, Brazil and Portugal were undefeated.

Only Argentina and Holland won all their games.

N. Zealand and Australia acquitted themselves well but should not have been there (ahead of more deserving teams). N. Zealand did well enough to return home in triumph as undefeated warriors! Italy deserved their comeuppance. Maradonna was almost as entertaining off the pitch as his team was on the field.

N. Korea being there was a travesty but I hope their team members do not fall foul of the Great Leader. Apparently the catastrophic game against Portugal was shown live on TV after the delayed transmission of the first match. Some TV programming Director is also probably out of favour.

The quality of the matches has improved in the knock-out stage but very few games in the group play were a joy to watch.

The most innovative aspect of this World Cup remains the Vuvuzela.

vuvuzela.jpg VUVU image by ClutchlessBurgers

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