Sweden: Opposition to wind power grows

Freely translated from Ny Teknik:

Opposition to wind power is now so extensive that it can be compared with nuclear public opinion as it was more than 30 years ago. Now opponents are kicking-off a campaign with the slogan “Wind power – no thanks.”


Wind Power - No Thanks


With 20 000 registered members and a symbol reminiscent of the 80’s symbol “Nuclear power – no thanks’, the Association for Swedish Landscape Protection is growing steadily as is the opposition to wind power.
“You can definitely compare today’s opinion with the movement against nuclear power, “said Karin Hammarlund, a researcher in landscape analysis at SLU, to the newspaper “Miljörapporten”
But there is one important difference between the protests against nuclear power and the resistance to wind power, says Karen Hammarlund.
“What is causing concern is not wind power technology in itself but how it affects the landscape and social structures”.
According to Elisabeth von Brömsen, chairman of  Swedish Countryside Protection, the resistance movement has this year gained about a thousand new members, both private individuals and associations.

It is beginning to get through, I think, that with the existing nuclear and hydro power available in Sweden, the role for intermittent wind power is marginal and primarily as an exercise in the following of  “fashion”. It has little to contribute to either generation capacity or transmission security. And it is expensive.

But the nuclear renaissance is continuing steadily anyway and history will probably show the “wind story” to be little more than a diversion from common sense for a decade or two.

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  1. Clive Says:

    …then Fukushima happened….! All of Japans wind turbines survived the test of fire, its the atomic plant that broke – its ‘fukushiemed’…!

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