Heavy November snowfall in China as well

Scandinavia and the UK are not alone in seeing November snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures – the coldest November in 15 years.

China issued a “blue” alert as heavy snowfall battered most of the north east of the country for a second day.

People walk against strong wind in Jilin City, northeast China's Jilin Province, Nov. 27, 2010. Snowfall hit most parts of the province from Friday night. Local meteorologic authority has issued a blue alarm against cold wave Saturday morning. (Xinhua/Zhu Wanchang)

The National Meteorological Center issued the blue alert for snowstorms on a second consecutive day as heavy snowfalls hit southern and eastern Heilongjiang and neighboring Jilin Province in the east on Saturday reports Xinhua. China has a four-color snow warning system: red, orange, yellow and blue. Blue is the least serious level.

But of course this is weather – not climate.


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2 Responses to “Heavy November snowfall in China as well”

  1. Esop Says:

    That is correct. This is weather, just like the extreme heatwave in Russia this summer was only weather. Climate is weather over a period of 30 years or more. The rapid warming of the Arctic , along with the loss of ice has disturbed the pressure systems, dumping frigid air on the continents. The global average temperature so far in 2010 is the highest since records started around 1880. This despite the many predictions of rapid global cooling over the past 2 years. The global average temperature as recorded by the satellites tells us about the overall energy balance. Local weather shows the distribution of this energy.
    When the Arctic warms much faster than the rest of the globe (some areas of the Arctic have warmed up to 10C since the 1990s) that cold air will be redistributed, resulting in cooling in other places, however, the overall energy balance is up, as indicated by the increasing average temperature.

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