Qantas A380 flights to LA to restart on 17th January

While Qantas had restarted flying its A380 aircraft with Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines on  27th November after the engine failure on 4th November, its flights to Los Angeles remained grounded since the engines had not been cleared for operating at the higher thrust levels necessary for reaching LA.

Reuters reports that flights to LA could now resume on 17th January:

Qantas said on Wednesday it hoped to resume normal A380 operations from January 17 but it would still need the go-ahead from Australia’s aviation regulator before flying the superjumbo aircraft on the lucrative route……. Qantas said on Wednesday it expected to have eight A380 aircraft in the air by early February, up from five currently. The airline is scheduled to take delivery of a new A380 aircraft in mid-January and another new aircraft by early February. A third A380 currently grounded in Sydney was also due to be operating by mid-January……. Analysts estimate damages to Qantas could reach $60 million, although forecasts vary. The LA route is one of Qantas’ most profitable.

For Rolls Royce, getting Qantas back to full operation is critical to bringing this chapter to a close and to limiting at least one part of the inevitable claims that will come. They will also face claims from Airbus who announced a few days ago that they would only deliver 18 A380’s during 2010 and would not reach their already reduced target of 20 planes. This delay is put down to the extra inspections caused by the fault in Rolls Royce engines. No doubt Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa will also have claims on Rolls Royce. I still estimate that the total costs to Rolls Royce will reach $300 million.

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3 Responses to “Qantas A380 flights to LA to restart on 17th January”

  1. razoray5150 Says:

    I look forward to flying in one of these birds soon. Hopefully there are no more set backs in the future. I have not even seen one fly bye……..

    • ktwop Says:

      I hsave not flown one yet. I saw a Singapore Airlines A380 taking of last year at Changi and saw Lufthansa’s A380’s landing and taking off at Frankfurt on 20th December while stuck there for 12 hours due to snow.
      It’s impressive but it is not a pretty aircraft. The 747 – even if it resembles a pregnant guppy – looks prettier. The A380 just looks big.
      Of course neither of these can compare with the Concorde for looks.

  2. razoray5150 Says:

    So the A380 is not a majestic plane…..haha!

    I have seen the Concorde taking off from JFK. We used to go to Riese beach where you had a perfect view…..really cool…..

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