Dead turtle doves now in Italy

After all the previous reports now comes this from Italy:

(free translation)

There are certainly many hundreds, probably thousands, of the collared dove who are dying at this moment in Faenza. They are lying in heaps in the flower beds, crushed by machinery in the streets, horribly hung from trees like Christmas balls. Many, many more,  in the fenced land for industrial use.

The WWF has collected others, not all already dead. A dozen, in fact, have been sent to the Center of Recovery The Robin of Modena, where those arriving are still alive but died shortly after.

Over all a mystery. Inside the beak, in some animals, the staining was of a strange blue.

The bluish tint, however, is also typical of potassium cyanide, a deadly poison used, for example, from poachers. Cyanide, however, also causes hypoxia, …. maybe a dove with an upset stomach dies suffocated. Another poison which appears bluish comes from some some types of rat poison.

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  1. razoray5150 Says:

    It is a bit bizarre with all the bird and fish kills lately. Certainly a sign of degrading environmental air, water and soil quality….

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