Receiving compensation for incompetence in executing 100 huskies is obscene

Details emerging about the husky massacre in British Columbia makes it seem grotesque and macabre and certainly obscene. Not least is the fact that the General Manager of Howling Dogs received compensation for his own incompetence for the trauma of being attacked by a wounded sled-dog that he had failed to kill properly.

The solicitor knew, the employer knew, the employee knew, all the members of the Compensation Review Board knew —— and the employee was awarded compensation for his own acts of self-induced trauma. He was supported by his employer.

Did they receive some part of  the compensation?  Did the costs include those of the solicitor?

The Review Officer was a certain Allan Wotherspoon. The original claim was denied but Mr. Wotherspoon overturned that decision. He calls the incident of “the worker fighting off a wounded sled-dog and eventually despatching it”  an “accident” and allows the claim! The executioner’s incompetence is called an accident and he gets compensated for it. Twisted logic indeed.

The Review report is here.

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