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If you put children in Parliament, you must expect temper tantrums

May 20, 2016

Justin Trudeau’s #elbowgate is extensively covered by all the press.

But why the indignation?

Quelle surprise.

The Guardian:

Canada’s normally staid House of Commons erupted into chaos on Wednesday, after the visibly annoyed Trudeau marched into a group of MPs, grabbed Conservative Gordon Brown by the arm and led him out of the group.

Parliamentarians were waiting to vote on a controversial motion from the Liberals to limit debate on assisted suicide legislation. The vote was delayed while several New Democrat MPs gathered around Brown, seemingly impeding him from taking his place.

Trudeau swore as he strode toward Brown, reportedly telling MPs to “get the fuck out of the way”. Footage from the House of Commons showed Trudeau elbowing New Democrat Ruth Ellen Brosseau as he pulled Brown away from the group.



Pretty children – especially those who know they are pretty – are prone to temper tantrums. It does not change just because they are in parliament. His admirer’s and apologists are hard at work trivialising his outburst. And like all spoilt children, he will probably get away with it.


Polar bears neither threatened nor endangered

June 10, 2014

It has become increasingly clear that polar bear numbers have been grossly (and probably intentionally) underestimated and that reality is beginning to displace the alarmist myth of the species being under threat. Canada has declined to classify the polar bears as being “threatened or endangered”.

This has not pleased the environmental priesthood  at all. The Center for Biological Diversity has lobbied heavily in the US against the Canadian decision not to toe the politically correct lineThey appealed to an international NAFTA environmental panel to “investigate”  Canada’s failure to implement NAFTA rules by failing to classify the thriving polar bears as “threatened and endangered”.

This appeal has been rejected.

Polar bears remain unthreatened and unendangered in Canada.

An international trade panel has decided not to review whether Canada is enforcing its own environmental legislation to protect its polar bear population.

photo Geoff York/Reuters


An international trade panel has decided not to review whether Canada is enforcing its own environmental legislation to protect its polar bear population.

The Commission for Environmental Co-operation voted 2-1 to reject a request for an investigation into why Canada has chosen not to designate the bears as threatened or endangered. A U.S. environmental group had filed a submission claiming that decision leaves the bears without protection, despite the ongoing loss of their sea-ice habitat and resulting projections of declining numbers.


Activists pressure tactics to force Canada to list polar bears as ‘threatened’ have failed June 7th, 2014

Canada under international pressure to list polar bears as threatened, so far holds out January 27, 2013

Canada again under international pressure to list polar bears as threatened November 24, 2013

Fawcett charged with animal cruelty after mass slaughter of huskies

April 21, 2012

Back in February last year the story of the massacre of up to 100 huskies in British Columbia came to light. Apparently the dogs which had been used for taking tourists on sled rides had been killed by Robert Fawcett because the number of tourists had reduced drastically after the 2010 Winter Olympics. Fifty-six dogs were dug up in a mass grave near Whistler after information leaked out in January 2011 that Fawcett had been getting workers compensation for “post traumatic stress” following his killing of the dogs. Now 14 months after the massacre  The BBC reports that the dog-killer has finally been charged with animal cruelty.

A man who admitted killing more than 50 dogs in the western Canadian province of British Columbia has been charged with animal cruelty. Robert Fawcett ran a company offering dog-sled tours but its business slumped after the 2010 Winter Olympics.

He killed the huskies by shooting them or slitting their throats.

British Columbia’s criminal justice branch said that Mr Fawcett – who ran Howling Dog Tours – faces one count of “causing unnecessary pain and suffering” to dozens of sled dogs in April 2010. He is due to appear in court next month.

The killings became public after Mr Fawcett won a compensation award for post-traumatic stress as a result of the killings. ..

Polar bear numbers in Canada “likely the highest there has ever been”

April 6, 2012

Polar bears near Churchill, Manitoba: Ward Kennan photolibrary

DNA studies have shown that polar bears and brown bears have a common ancestry. The genetic split occurred about 150,000 years ago in the late Pleistocene just before the end of the Pleistocene glaciation known as the Ice Age. They evolved to meet the conditions of the Ice Age and they continue to adapt. In their present form as polar bears they have survived previous interglacials with temperatures greater than we have at present. And far from being endangered and under threat of extinction they continue to adapt their behaviour and to prosper.

New surveys have shown that 


Polar bear populations in Canada have increased and are getting to be a menace

December 18, 2011

Far from being a species endangered by the politically correct and alarmist view of man made global warming, their numbers are increasing and in some areas of Canada their populations have doubled. They are more frequently having litters of 3 rather than 2 cubs and are ranging further South than they usually do. Easy pickings in town garbage is irresistible and they and are even becoming a menace in some towns.

A male polar bear

Canada’s growing polar bear population ‘becoming a problem,’ locals say

…. Despite those problems, the PBSG said it is optimistic that “humans can mitigate the effects of global warming and other threats to the polar bears.”

Not so fast.

According to a U.S. Senate and Public Works Committee report, the “alarm about the future of polar bear decline is based on speculative computer model predictions many decades in the future. Those predictions are being “challenged by scientists and forecasting experts,” said the report.

Those challenges, supported by facts on the ground, including observations from Inuit hunters in the region, haven’t stopped climate fear-mongers at the U.S. Geological Survey from proclaiming that future sea ice conditions “will result in the loss of approximately two-thirds of the world’s current polar bear population by the mid 21st century.”

Such sky-is-falling rhetoric brings smiles to the Inuit population of Canada’s Nunavut Territory. They, too, know how to count, and they claim the bear population is stable or on the rise in their own backyard. Polar bears may be on the decline in some areas, but during their frequent visits to Inuit towns and outposts they rarely decline an easy meal from the local dump or a poorly secured garbage can.

Harry Flaherty, chair of the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board in the capital of Iqaluit, says the polar bear population in the region, along the Davis Strait, has doubled during the past 10 years. He questions the official figures, which are based to a large extent on helicopter surveys.

“Scientists do a quick study one to two weeks in a helicopter, and don’t see all the polar bears. We’re getting totally different stories [about the bear numbers] on a daily basis from hunters and harvesters on the ground,” he says. ….

Dr. Mitchell Taylor, a biologist who has been researching polar bear populations in Canada’s Nunavut Territory for 35 years, seems to agree. “The study estimates from the Iqaluit area agree with those of local hunters, although the accuracy of the counts is doubtful in some areas,” he says. ….. 

The on-the-ground reports, if accurate, seem to contradict the official story of the beleaguered polar bear. According to the standard theory, warmer temperatures (caused by human CO2 emissions) are shrinking the ice floe, the polar bear’s main hunting ground, forcing populations to compete for a diminishing food supply. Warmer temperatures also are to blame for the loss of thicker “multi-year ice.”

Flaherty and many others disagree with the official story. “We are aware there are changes in the weather, but it is not affecting the daily life of the animals,” he says. “Polar bears hunt in the floe-edge areas, on newly formed ice, and in the fiords in search of baby seals. They don’t hunt in the glaciers [areas of multi-year ice].

“We’re not seeing negative effects on the polar bear population from so-called climate change and receding ice,” he says. He is convinced that some scientists are deliberately “using the polar bear issue to scare people” about global warming, a view widely shared by many Nunavut locals. ….. 

Read the article

Receiving compensation for incompetence in executing 100 huskies is obscene

February 2, 2011

Details emerging about the husky massacre in British Columbia makes it seem grotesque and macabre and certainly obscene. Not least is the fact that the General Manager of Howling Dogs received compensation for his own incompetence for the trauma of being attacked by a wounded sled-dog that he had failed to kill properly.

The solicitor knew, the employer knew, the employee knew, all the members of the Compensation Review Board knew —— and the employee was awarded compensation for his own acts of self-induced trauma. He was supported by his employer.

Did they receive some part of  the compensation?  Did the costs include those of the solicitor?

The Review Officer was a certain Allan Wotherspoon. The original claim was denied but Mr. Wotherspoon overturned that decision. He calls the incident of “the worker fighting off a wounded sled-dog and eventually despatching it”  an “accident” and allows the claim! The executioner’s incompetence is called an accident and he gets compensated for it. Twisted logic indeed.

The Review report is here.

Up to 100 huskies massacred by Outdoor Adventures Whistler

February 1, 2011
dog sled / huskies

Husky dog sled: Image by Feuillu via Flickr

Outdoor Adventures Whistler (ph.604 932 0647) ordered the massacre of up to 100 huskies when their business dipped after the Winter Olymics.

Barbarism takes many forms and is not confined to the Balkans or the Middle East or Afghanistan or Africa. It is also found in British Columbia.

UPI reports:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 31 (UPI) — A dogsled tour company in British Columbia is accused of killing 100 dogs when its business faded after the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Vancouver radio station CKNW said documents from WorkSafeBC, the provincial occupational health agency, show an employee of Outdoor Adventures Whistler got compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder after allegedly being made to kill the dogs.

The radio station reported the dogs were shot or had their throats cut, and were buried in a mass grave.

Read more: 

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