New York is easy to love — and hate

After a rainy week in New York I am moving on to Boston today. Apart from the obvious about the vibrancy of the city, the variety of its residents, the convenience of the delis, diners and restaurants of every shape colour and cuisine, the steepness of the subway steps, the juxtaposition of luxury and dirt, the ridiculous stretch limousines, the fatigue of the subway travellers, a few other reflections crossed my mind:

  • Time itself seems to move to a faster beat,
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art is fantastic and enormous and why can’t the ticket be valid for at least 2 or 3 days to give the visitor a chance,
  • Most people are friendly but don’t have time to show it,
  • The ethnic origin of taxi drivers is changing and could be quite revealing about the development of the City. Russians, Serbs and Bosnians have joined the ranks. (This is a subject that is probably being studied in depth already)
  • The pavements (sidewalks) are uneven and play havoc with my ankles
  • Rubbish piled on the streets waiting for collection is no doubt a sign of a functioning infrastructure, but it does not enhance walking.
  • Image always wins at the expense of substance
  • Size is everything and quality is of dubious value
  • If it looks good it must be good
  • The bucks stop here


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