Anders Behring Breivik (aka Andrew Berwick): a madman’s manifesto

Anders Behring Breivik (Massacre in Norway) claims to have strong links with the English Defence League and over 7,000 friends on Facebook. He used Andrew Berwick as an anglicised form of his name. He has now admitted the massacre in Norway on Utoya island and the bombings in Oslo. He stopped killing only when he ran out of bullets. 

The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right movement which opposes what it perceives as the spread of Islamism, Sharia law and Islamic extremism in England.

As Andrew Berwick he called himself a  Justiciar Knight Commander for Knights Templar Europe  and his “manifesto” was published on the internet:


He claims that this has been distributed to his 7000 Facebook friends and their friends. He ends

I believe this will be my last entry. It is now Fri July 22nd, 12.51.
Sincere regards,
Andrew Berwick
Justiciar Knight Commander
Knights Templar Europe
Knights Templar Norway

The Daily Mirror reports:

Yesterday other chilling details emerged about Breivik – a right-wing loner who lived with his mother and had been plotting his killing spree for two years. The blue-eyed blond portrayed himself as a successful entrepreneur who made a million by the age of 24 from a fruit-and-veg business. But behind the boyish good looks was a Nazi ­sympathiser who admired extremist groups – including the English Defence League and the British National Party.

He has a lust for violent films and computer games and holds a licence for three guns. His Facebook page says he loves bodybuilding and Call Of Duty – where players can shoot people on an island. And he says his top TV show is US-drama Dexter – in which a police officer turns into a serial killer. He lists his favourite films as Gladiator and 300, where a small band of soldiers fight to the last man against an army of one million. Police believe this love of violence inspired Breivik’s massacre on Friday.

Breivik was a straight-A student at school and went to Oslo Commerce School – an institution devoted to ­business and management. He launched his own firm, Breivik Geofarm, 10 years ago and claimed to have become a millionaire within two years. Until recently his main home was a flat in a wealthy suburb of Oslo, but months ago he switched to a remote farmhouse outside the capital, where he lived with his mum.

Detectives believe it was from this farmhouse that he stockpiled the supplies for his killing spree. On May 4 he ordered six tonnes of fertiliser – the likely ­ingredient for the bomb that ripped through the Government district in Oslo.

Piles of the fertiliser were yesterday neatly stacked at the bottom of his garden in large white sacks and were being searched by forensic officers. They were also inspecting the flat and neatly kept farmhouse in a hunt for clues. And as detectives questioned Breivik over the bloodbath, details emerged about the suspect’s right-wing political background – with one friend even ­likening him to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. Breivik was a member of Norway’s right-wing Progress party from 1999 to 2006 – but quit because he thought the group was not being radical enough in its policies.

His own political rants, many posted online, may provide clues as to why his attacks targeted Norwegian prime ­minister Jens Stoltenberg – leader of the country’s Labour Party. Breivik is believed to have turned to right-wing extremism in his late 20s after serving in the military as part of his ­national service.

He describes himself as a Christian and a Conservative on his Facebook profile – and also claims that he is a fan of Winston Churchill. In many messages he criticises ­immigrants and Norwegian politicians who sympathise with them. An extensive blogger, Breivik regularly writes about far-right political parties including the English Defence League. He also admits to being a fan of BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Yesterday Norwegian police chief ­Sveinung Sponheim, who is leading the investigation into the massacre, said the rants give a clear indication of his evil. “His internet postings on several ­forums suggest he has political traits directed towards the right – and anti-Muslim views,” he said. A friend who attended Progress Party rallies with Breivik said he reminded him of Hitler. “He was shy and not particularly active in the party,” the friend said. “He didn’t attend any events apart from the annual national conference where he was very studious and would sit back and listen rather than join in. ” Last night Ove Vanebo, youth leader of the Progress Party, said: “We did not think he was capable of something like that. “He was apparently a quiet and modest man.”


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14 Responses to “Anders Behring Breivik (aka Andrew Berwick): a madman’s manifesto”

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  6. metapham Says:

    It stuns me how media can eventually lead to a massacre. Thank you for sharing more knowledge of Breivik and his motive.

  7. Justin Says:

    Now, now, now, we don’t use that word “Crazy” around here!!

    • ktwop Says:

      Of course if it had been Al Qaida rather than a right-wing fanatic it would have been evil – not crazy.
      93 people (with 5 still missing) were killed and the insanity plea is being used by some to avoid allocating blame and for excusing guilt. Meanwhile EDL members are busy excusing the deed as being merely a consequence of Norwegian immigration policies!!!

  8. Justin Says:

    He looks like Chevy Chase. After a quick look at his book, it is not the writings of an idiot or a fool. He demonstrates a concise understanding of European politics, rare in these times. National pride, which is shunned through popular media. Explains the transparency of the global government. This is no secret though. As Dexter would say, “Hiding in plain sight”.
    In fact, a similar journal publication was shut down in Australia by the federal government as the powers which run things did not want the public to think about it for themselves.
    We are obliged to celebrate Bastille Day, the day communism executed the democratic party in France and with it, their Royal Family. Leaving them in power, unopposed.

  9. Justin Says:

    You could consider a 1500 page document a reason, and not an excuse. The excuse would be to act on it, the reason, because you care and want to fix it.
    As with all actions, there are consequences, and for Anders, the outcome will not be worth it. It just goes to show, you can’t help everyone.
    The writings of Anders, if they turn to be true, are really beyond the abilities of one man. Thus, they should remain unsaid, but not necessarily unwritten.

    • ktwop Says:

      Clip and paste from the unabomber’s manifesto with some replacement of “leftists” by “cultural marxists” and “blacks” by muslims. Add to that masses of animal cunning.
      A dangerous beast with camouflage skills – but little sign of any humanity or intelligence.

  10. Kay's Musings Says:

    I’m still reeling from this crazy person’s evil horror. I can’t understand the whys. Thank you for giving us more of the facts of this case.

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  12. Malvarina Italia Assasi Says:

    Malvarina Italia Assasi…

    […]Anders Behring Breivik (aka Andrew Berwick): a madman’s manifesto « The k2p blog[…]…

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