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How does Breivik qualify for “human” rights?

March 13, 2016

There is something obscene in the manner in which so called “human rights” are being exploited by the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in suing the Norwegian government for keeping him in isolation. Apart from the fact that he has been sentenced to just 21 years in prison for the murder of 77 people (which is less than 100 days in prison for every person murdered), I find it objectionable that

  1. he is considered “human”, and
  2. he is allowed to sue

Of course it is up to any society to make whatever rules it wants and to decide what it wants to consider “human rights”. It is also up to any society to be as stupid as it wishes, and if the Norwegian people wish to treat Breivik with the respect due to a human then they can do so.

But surely they don’t have to treat a criminal lunatic as a sane rational being?




Mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is about to return to court – but this time it is to sue the Norwegian state, claiming it is violating his human rights by keeping him in isolation.

The right-wing extremist will appear in a gym-turned-courtroom within the prison in which he is being held on Tuesday. It will be a testing time for his victims’ families and survivors of his attacks.

“Personally I think it is a little bit hilarious but many of the others…the support group, doesn’t like him being in the media again,” said Dag Andre Anderssen, who survived Breivik’s island shooting massacre.

“That is actually the most important thing for us – that he gets to be in the spotlight again – and we don’t like that. We would rather that he be forgotten.”

It was 2011 when Breivik detonated a bomb at Oslo’s central government building, killing eight people and injuring more than 200. He then headed to the island of Utoeya where his gun rampage killed 69 people at a Labour Party camp, most of them teenagers.

Jailed for 21 years, Breivik has his own cellblock at Skien prison, south of Oslo as well as access to a computer, TV and Playstation.

“Human rights” are not absolute and certainly not some divine right. They are just privileges afforded by societies to their members. There is no reason for them not to be subordinate to common sense. There is no reason for stupidity in the name of “human rights”.


Mass murderer Breivik being pandered to by Oslo University

July 17, 2015

There is something wrong with the state of justice in Norway when “rules” are used as an excuse to overrule common sense and pander to the desires of Anders Behring Breivik.

Anders Behring Breivik strax efter rättegången i Oslo 2012.

Anders Behring Breivik soon after his trial in Oslo 2012 – image SvD

Svenska Dagbladet:

Anders Behring Breivik, sentenced for mass murder, has been admitted into the graduate program in political science at the University of Oslo.
The mass murderer will be studying at a distance from his cell, never staying on campus, nor having any contact with other students or staff. All contact between Breivik and the university will be through a contact in the prison. Breivik will not participate in the seminars.

“We as an institution must follow the rules. We can not allow a single person to change this”, says Rector Ole Petter Ottersen.

Rules cannot be an end in themselves. They are tools devised for some purpose. It has been my experience that “rules” are always used as an excuse when actions are known to be wrong but where the actor has not the imagination or skill or competence to find the route to correct behaviour.

That the Rector uses “rules” to justify his actions in pandering to the wishes of someone who killed 77 innocent people and injured 24 is unconscionable. It is the lazy way to justify doing wrong. It is the excuse used at the Nuremberg trials. An insufficient exercise of mind. Was it the purpose of the “rules” to provide aid and comfort to a mass murderer?


Justice without balance as mass murderer Flink is to be released today

June 11, 2014

Mattias Flink (born March 8, 1970, in Falun, Sweden) is a Swedish mass murderer who killed seven people on June 11, 1994, in Falun, Sweden. He was 24 at the time and a second lieutenant in the Swedish Army. He is to be released today on the 20th anniversary of his killing Karin Alkstål, 22, Therese Danielsson, 20, Helle Jürgensen, 21, Lena Mårdner-Nilsson, 29, Jenny Österman, 22, Maths Bragstedt, 35 and Johan Tollsten, 26.

There is a fundamental lack of balance in a justice system where someone gets drunk and murders 7 people, is sentenced to life in prison and is released exactly 20 years after he went on his murderous spree. He will be given a protected identity and state support to “re-establish” himself in society. The lack of balance lies in that society does not consider what may be due to the 7 victims. The discussion is only whether the murderer is now rehabilitated and whether he is any longer a danger to society. His debt to society is considered quit. But what about his debt to the victims? He deprived his victims and society of almost 500 man-years of life.

But the rights of the victims – it seems – died with them. The Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (Brottsoffermyndigheten) is not known for its generosity to victims. A murder victim’s relatives can expect damages of about 50,000 kronor (about $8,000). For 70 years of life deprived! For example relatives of a woman who was crippled for life and where her attacker was sentenced to 12 years in prison were awarded all of 10,000 kronor ($1,500).

Capital punishment will not bring any better balance though. But surely the rest of his productive life must be in the service of his 7 young victims or their dependents or of society at large? His own objectives with his life and earnings are surely forfeit till the debt to his victims is paid off?

Swedish RadioToday Mattias Flink will be released exactly twenty years to the day after he shot seven young people to death in Falun. Under the law he must be released exactly on the anniversary when he was arrested, said Maria Löfgren, Correctional Officer of Dalarna.

In September this year, Mika Kalevi Muranen a Finnish army soldier who murdered 3 people will also be released after serving 20 years of a life sentence.

Anders Behring Breivik in Norway killed 77 people. He deprived them and society of over 5,000 man-years of life. I wonder how long his life-sentence will actually last?

Justice? Perhaps, but without balance.

The next Prime Minister of Norway?

September 8, 2013

Norway goes to the polls tomorrow and Erna Solberg could be the next Prime Minister with a centre-right government replacing the centre-left government of Jens Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg came into his own after the massacre at Utøya 2 years ago. His low key but enormously effective speeches captured the sombre mood of the country and yet held everybody together. He was even referred to as the “father of the nation”. Paradoxically, even after such a traumatic event perpetrated by a right-wing maniac (Breivik), this election will see the country shift rightwards.

Erna Solberg (photo

Monster Breivik complains about “inhumanity”

November 10, 2012

I find most things about the monstrous behaviour of Anders Behring Breivik almost inexplicable. Now the killer of 77 people complains about the inhumanity of having to use a “bendy” pen!

Considering his rather luxurious incarceration for 21 years (extendable) for killing 77 people, his 27 page complaint about the inhumane conditions he is being held in ought to be dismissed out of hand. But instead it will probably waste a lot of people’s time and a lot of public money.

The Guardian: Anders Behring Breivik, who is serving a 21-year sentence for killing 77 people in a bombing and shooting rampage last year, has complained that he is being held in inhumane conditions and is being denied freedom of expression, his lawyer has said.

….. The Norwegian tabloid, VG, which said it had acquired a copy of the letter, quoted Breivik as saying he was allowed to use only a soft and bendable safety pen described by its manufacturer as “stab-resistant” because it yields at the slightest pressure and cannot be used as a weapon.


Anders Behring Breivik’s cell to be

August 22, 2012

UPDATE 2! As I understand the sentence he has the maximum time in prison allowable by Norwegian law for 21 years and then – if he is deemed dangerous – he can (will) be kept incarcerated for extensions of 5 years at a time. In practical terms he has been given a life sentence – for life.

UPDATE! His sentence will be announced in court today. Paradoxically the prosecution wants him to be declared insane while he wants to be declared sane!


… Breivik, 33, who insists he is sane, has refused to plead guilty and has sought to justify his attacks by saying they were necessary to stop the “Islamisation” of Norway. Prosecutors have called for him to be considered insane. ….

Throughout the trial, Breivik showed no sign of remorse. He began several hearings by giving a right-wing clenched fist salute. If the judges conclude that Breivik was sane, he will be sent to prison. The maximum sentence in Norway is 21 years although that can be extended if he is viewed as a danger to society.

If the court finds him insane, Breivik will be ordered to undergo treatment at a closed psychiatric unit – most likely at the same high security prison where he is now. Breivik has said that psychiatric care would be “worse than death”. …..


He killed 77 people and this is what his cell will look like.

Sentenced to “luxury for life”?

No further comment needed.

From Svenska Dagbladet


And a special cell to keep fit in! He has access to 3 special cells.


Breivik and Holmes and guns and massacres

July 23, 2012

A year ago Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people in Norway. He used home made explosives and firearms.

Two days ago James Holmes killed 12 in Aurora, Colorado. He used firearms to kill but also had explosives.

My perception is that the number of lone individuals carrying out these murderous rampages is increasing. And I wonder if suicide bombers are not part of the same social phenomenon.

Banning the sale of firearms or the ingredients for making explosives to individuals would not have influenced their murderous intentions. Controlling the sale of firearms may have hindered them somewhat in the scale of the execution of their intentions. If firearms were not available to them they would probably have used other methods (explosives most likely) to fulfil their intentions.

It is possible that there have always been such individuals who wish to attack the society they live in. I suspect that our societies themselves create the stresses which take some individuals over the edge. And we don’t really know what these are. But I can’t help thinking that the focus on the availability of firearms is a red herring. It is not access to firearms that creates these individuals or which causes them to undertake their murderous rampages. But while the solution will finally lie in understanding and preventing the development of people with such murderous intentions, controlling the sale of guns may well be a necessary step along the way. Restricting the availability of the tools available to implement a massacre may perhaps restrict the scale of some of these massacres.

But banning the sale of guns – by itself – will not prevent the intention to massacre. All laws banning certain kinds of behaviour are fundamentally coercive and inevitably attack “freedoms of the individual”. They can – at best – be a stop-gap measure to be used while addressing the causes of the “unwanted” behaviour. And if these causes are neither understood or addressed then these coercive laws quickly degenerate to become oppressive laws used by majorities against minorities. Controlling the sale of guns only makes sense if the causes of the lone “berserker” are also addressed.

Peder Nøstvold Jensen admits to being Anders Behring Breivik’s hero “Fjordman”

August 5, 2011

A 36 year old Norwegian, Peder Nøstvold Jensen has  admitted to being the blogger “Fjordman” to the paper VG. The mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik refers 111 times to Fjordman in his manifesto. He has been questioned and police attorney Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby said to the media that they are confident it is the right person

UPDATE!! Tax records show that Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen was born in 1975 and is tax resident in the county of Møre and Romsdal and in the municipality of  Ålesund. His tax records (in Norwegian kronor) are remarkably (and a little incredibly)  modest:

Unsafe - I have warned my family about the case and will now go underground indefinitely for the sake of my own safety, says Peder Jensen.  Photo: NILS Bjaaland, VG

Peder Nøstvold Jensen : image VG

“I have been obliged to issue a statement to the police, and I am going public because my name will be known to the public anyway and that there will be a witch hunt after me from the media”  says Jensen, who says that police seized his computer on Thursday.  “I will never blog under the pseudonym “Fjordman” again. I have lost the desire because it is linked to such a person”, he says.

Jensen has a master’s degree from the University of Oslo in culture and technology and studied Arabic at the University of Bergen  and at the American University in Cairo. In 2004 he completed his dissertation on Iranian relations, censorship and blogging. He states in the introduction that he has lived and worked in the Middle East for several years.  He has received money from abroad. It is known that in 2007 Jensen received  10 000 Norwegian kronor from Edward S. May who blogs inder the name Baron Bodissey and who runs the Islam-critical blog Gates of Vienna.  Jensen began to express himself online in the early 2000’s, under the name “Norwegian kafir” on various blogs. He started blogging under the name Fjordman in 2005. This blog was closed down later that year, and Jensen went under the pseudonym Fjordman writing for – among others – Gates of Vienna. Jensen also contributed to, Brussels Journal, Global Politician, FrontPageMag, Jihad Watch, Faith Freedom International, Little Green Footballs, Free Republic and Daily Pundit. Several sites last week removed all Fjordman’s contributions. Parts were deleted  from Little Green Footballs, but has been preserved by other bloggers.

“I’ve tried to think whether it’s something I have worded wrongly, but I’ve never had someone attack someone because of what I wrote”. 

It seems that Peder Jensen’s conscience is pricking him slightly – but only after his identity was discovered by the police. He may not be responsible for Breivik’s actions but he surely bears responsibility for his own words and  – to some extent – their consequences.

Politics of hate create strange bedfellows

July 31, 2011

The massacre in Norway by Anders Behring Brevik has created a dilemma for many of the extremist parties in Europe whose “ideology” he had adopted. They must now – at least publicly – distance themselves from his actions but without abandoning their politics which he ardently supported and which led to his actions. Many of the islamophobic, anti-immigration, nationalistic parties in Europe today have their roots in fascism or neo-nazism or racial hatred. Upto about 10 years ago their objects of hate were usually blacks, Jews, Asians, Turks, socialists, “big government” and communists. In the last decade or so all of these “hates” have been maintained but have manifested themselves increasingly under the convenient and opportunistic umbrella of islamophobism.

But for these so-called “right-wing, nationalist” parties, I think it is wrong to attribute anything other than “hate” as their ideology. As times change the object of their hate evolves and changes to whatever they consider is currently popular to fear and to hate. Their political strategy seems to be fundamentally based on the marshalling of the fears of the “common man” – by providing the objects of hate which can feed those fears.

Almost every country in Europe now has its version of a “hate” party: the Freedom Party (FPÖ) in Austria, the Vlaams Blok (VB) in Belgium, the Danish Peoples Party (DPP) in Denmark, True Finns (PS) in Finland, the National Front (FN) in France, the Republican party (REP), German People’s Union (DVU) and National Democratic party (NPD) all in Germany, the Hellenic Front (HF) in Greece, Liga Nord (LN) and the Futuro e Libertà (FLI) in Italy, Pim Fortuyn’s List (LPF) in the Netherlands, the Fremskrittspartiet (FrP) in Norway, Partido Popular (CDS-PP) in Portugal, Sweden Democrats (SD) in Sweden, Swiss Peoples Party (SVP) in Switzerland and the British National party (BNP) in the UK.

They are now finding common cause with some strange partners in Israel and India and the US. They include Likud and the settlers in Israel, the fanatics of the RSS and Hindutva nationalists and even the extreme right wing of the Tea Party movement in the US. It is only a short step to move onto the hate parties of Japan (the Uyoku dantai groups), in Australia (United Australia Party) and those that are forming in the Balkans and in eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia). The juxtaposition of ideologies can – on the surface – seem strange (neo-nazis together with Jewish settlers or anti-Asian together with Hindu nationalism) but the common factor is always that there is somebody in common to hate.

Der Spiegel:

The Likud Connection:

Islamophobic parties in Europe have established a tight network, stretching from Italy to Finland. But recently, they have extended their feelers to Israeli conservatives, enjoying a warm reception from members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition. Some in Israel believe that the populists are Europe’s future.

Anders Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto is nothing if not thorough. Pages and pages of text outline in excruciating detail the ideological underpinnings of his worldview — one which led him to kill 76 people in two terrible attacks in Norway last week. 

It is a document which has led many to question Breivik’s sanity. But it has also, due to its myriad citations and significant borrowing from several anti-immigration, Islamophobic blogs, highlighted the deeply entwined network of right-wing populist groups and parties across Europe — from the Front National in France to Vlaams Belang in Belgium to the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ).

But recently it has become clear that Europe’s populist parties aren’t merely content to establish a network on the Continent. They are also looking further east. And have begun establishing tight relations with several conservative politicians in Israel — first and foremost with Ayoob Kara, a parliamentarian with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party who is also deputy minister for development of the Negev and Galilee districts.

The reason for the growing focus on Israel is not difficult to divine. “On the one hand,” Strache told SPIEGEL ONLINE in a recent interview, “we are seeing great revolutions taking place in the Middle East. But one can’t be totally sure that other interests aren’t behind them and that, in the end, we might see Islamist theocracies surrounding Israel and in Europe’s backyard.”

In other words, in the battle against what right-wing populists see as the creeping Islamization of Europe, Israel is on the front line. ….. 

At first glance, the European populists’ relationship with Israel would hardly appear to be a marriage built on love. Many see the FPÖ as being just one tiny step away from classic neo-Nazi groups and the same holds true for their partners throughout Europe.  …… And Kara was blasted in the Israeli press for a recent meeting in Berlin he held with Patrick Brinkmann, a German right-wing populist. “Deputy Minister Meets Neo-Nazi Millionaire,” read a headline in the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth earlier this month, noting that Brinkmann, while now insistent that he is not anti-Semitic, once had close ties with the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD). ….

Read article:,1518,777175,00.html

Seeking notoriety Paul Ray would now like to have been Breivik’s “Richard”

July 29, 2011

Paul Ray (Lionheart) from his safe haven in Malta is spending a lot of blog energy in insinuating that Alan Lake and not he is the “Richard” referred to in Anders Behring Breivik’s “manifesto”. Ray is or was a member of the English Defence League and was apparently expelled which he disputes.

But probably seeking all the notoriety he can get he has now admitted that he was in contact with the killer and concedes to The Telegraph that he may have been the inspiration for Breivik:

Paul Ray, a British blogger who calls himself “Lionheart” revealed that his opinions could have influenced Breivik’s Islamophobic diatribe, which the killer published online hours before he massacred 76 people.

Speaking from Malta, where he has fled fearing arrest for inciting racial hatred, Mr Ray conceded that he had been in direct contact with the 32-year-old gunman online.

In his manifesto Breivik described a character very similar to Mr Ray as a mentor, claiming to have met him at an event in London in 2002. Mr Ray said on Thursday: “I am being implicated as his mentor. I definitely could have been his inspiration.

“It looks like that. He has given me a platform and a profile. But what he did was pure evil. I could never use what he has done to further my own beliefs.”

The Daily Telegraph can also disclose that Mr Ray played host to Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair, former leader of the Ulster Freedom Fighters in Malta last February. … He is also known to be friends with Nick Greger, a German “known as Nazi Nick,” who describes himself as a “former neo-Nazi-leader, convicted terrorist, militiaman, artist, book writer and preacher”. ….. Mr Greger, who is banned from Britain, has traveled widely in Africa and currently lives in Malta, as does Mr Ray, who is originally from Luton, Bedfordshire. … Mr Ray was arrested in Britain in 2008 over blog postings allegedly inciting racial hatred but said he was never charged. He left the country the same year.

But he would love to be taken for being much more important than he is. He seems to be torn between avoiding any association with Breivik while at the same time he would be immensely gratified to have been the inspiration of anything to anybody. His incoherent ramblings would indicate that he is little more than a two-bit, publicity-seeking hoodlum skulking away in Malta – even if Breivik did take some inspiration from him.

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