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Seeking notoriety Paul Ray would now like to have been Breivik’s “Richard”

July 29, 2011

Paul Ray (Lionheart) from his safe haven in Malta is spending a lot of blog energy in insinuating that Alan Lake and not he is the “Richard” referred to in Anders Behring Breivik’s “manifesto”. Ray is or was a member of the English Defence League and was apparently expelled which he disputes.

But probably seeking all the notoriety he can get he has now admitted that he was in contact with the killer and concedes to The Telegraph that he may have been the inspiration for Breivik:

Paul Ray, a British blogger who calls himself “Lionheart” revealed that his opinions could have influenced Breivik’s Islamophobic diatribe, which the killer published online hours before he massacred 76 people.

Speaking from Malta, where he has fled fearing arrest for inciting racial hatred, Mr Ray conceded that he had been in direct contact with the 32-year-old gunman online.

In his manifesto Breivik described a character very similar to Mr Ray as a mentor, claiming to have met him at an event in London in 2002. Mr Ray said on Thursday: “I am being implicated as his mentor. I definitely could have been his inspiration.

“It looks like that. He has given me a platform and a profile. But what he did was pure evil. I could never use what he has done to further my own beliefs.”

The Daily Telegraph can also disclose that Mr Ray played host to Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair, former leader of the Ulster Freedom Fighters in Malta last February. … He is also known to be friends with Nick Greger, a German “known as Nazi Nick,” who describes himself as a “former neo-Nazi-leader, convicted terrorist, militiaman, artist, book writer and preacher”. ….. Mr Greger, who is banned from Britain, has traveled widely in Africa and currently lives in Malta, as does Mr Ray, who is originally from Luton, Bedfordshire. … Mr Ray was arrested in Britain in 2008 over blog postings allegedly inciting racial hatred but said he was never charged. He left the country the same year.

But he would love to be taken for being much more important than he is. He seems to be torn between avoiding any association with Breivik while at the same time he would be immensely gratified to have been the inspiration of anything to anybody. His incoherent ramblings would indicate that he is little more than a two-bit, publicity-seeking hoodlum skulking away in Malta – even if Breivik did take some inspiration from him.

The victims of Oslo and Utøya: RIP

July 28, 2011

The torrent of words about Anders Behring Breivik is as nothing compared to the reality of the lives he snuffed out.

I found this montage of some of his victims unbelievably moving and more telling then many million words.

Courtesy and credit Aftonbladet:

The victims of the massacre in Norway : montage from Aftonbladet

Where will the next Anders Behring Breivik come from?

July 28, 2011

There are those who say that the ideas and words were correct but the man was a lone lunatic. They are indignant when accused of creating the world in which the murderer lived. They refute the notion that it was their writings and speeches which fed the monster and pushed him over the edge from rhetoric to action. They invoke the dangers of repression of free speech to defend their own speeches or writings. They condemn violence but will not concede that their words and ideas can lead to violent actions.

But I think they need to think again. Forbidding what people may say or write is not the answer. But those who speak and write cannot just disconnect themselves from the consequences of what they speak or write. Words and ideas are not actions but one person’s words cannot be insulated or divorced from the actions of others that they may cause. Using language is not without responsibility. If we want the freedom to speak and write whatever we want then we cannot escape from some of the  responsibility for whatever ensues from what we speak or write.

Anders Behring Breivik was not born a murderer. Somewhere along his 32 years of history he became one. I have no doubt that some part of his early upbringing contributed to this and that his parents bear some – rather diffuse – responsibility. We don’t know enough about human behaviour to be certain what factors in his childhood may have laid the foundation for the choices he later made. But certainly it was at this time that the choices that would become available to him were defined. The possibility that he could become a mass-murderer – the path he could tread – was surely created then. But it was his own choices which took him down this path. He joined the Freemasons and was later seduced by a glorified fantasy of the Knight Templars. His world – by his own choice – for the last decade or so has been in that populated by the anti-left, anti-immigrant, anti-islam, christian fundamentalist bigots and a large part of that world has been on-line. He has devoured the extreme rhetoric that was there to be devoured. That it was readily available and politically acceptable – albeit with a minority – has provided him with a cloak of legitimacy for continuing down his path and eventually making the choices he did. And somewhere along the way, something in this rhetorical environment where hate was not just permitted but was politically legitimised and socially acceptable, pushed him over the edge from compiling manifestos to killing teenagers. In his world his actions were rational and those who helped to create his world cannot just dismiss his actions as those of a lone lunatic. He surely bears the responsibility for the choices he has made and for his actions. But others bear responsibility too.

Another Anders Behring Breivik is developing somewhere right now. And while we may not know where this may be and the environment in which he is developing and what rhetoric is triggering his choices, all politicians and journalists and bloggers and writers who disseminate extravagant rhetoric need to think twice about the consequences of their words. None of them speak or write to be ignored. They all have the intention – or the wish – that their words will be listened to, will form opinion and will lead to actions. And when their words lead to actions – but not perhaps the actions they intended – another Anders Behring Brevik may appear.

Der Spiegel carries a story about the behaviour of one particular group which – to me – sounds like it has the potential for creating another Anders Behring Brevik. It only takes one.

Family Life Among Germany’s Far-Right Extremists

Experts are worried about the children of Germany’s neo-Nazis growing up in isolated extremist communities. The children read Nazi-era books, put together puzzles showing maps with 1937 borders and attend camps with ideological instruction.

….. The more brazen the self-identified “National Socialist Movement” has become in Germany in recent years, the more energy it is devoting to members’ children. Investigators estimate that neo-Nazi households are raising several thousand children to be familiar with weapons, violence, raiding private homes, Nazi cult objects, songs of the Hitler Youth and Waffen-SS, and the worshiping of major figures from the Third Reich. They are unwittingly becoming part of a sworn “fighting community” hidden behind a middle-class façade.

Right-wing bloggers and the hate-politicians back-pedalling as fast their little legs will carry them

July 27, 2011

The massacre in Norway by the self-confessed muslim-hating, Christian Fundamentalist, Freemason and Templar Knight Anders Behring Breivik has got the right-wing bloggers he identified with, and the hate-politicians he looked up to, running for cover. They are all busy distancing themselves from the killer, protesting their innocence vehemently, issuing new statements about how they have never advocated violence and how this is the work of a lone madman and that Breivik was never “one of them”. They conveniently forget that it is their politics of hate which has implicitly provided legitimacy for and which has fed and nurtured the distorted mind of  Anders Behring Breivik.

The retreat of the Bloggers:

On the Gates of Vienna, Fjordman has retired (exhausted – poor man), and  Baron Bodissey and Carl in Jerusalem are desperately attacking those who attack them for having double standards.  Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has decided to make a statement which – she says – will be her only one. EU Referendum is hurt by all the unfair and unjustified blame flowing its way. Melanie Phillips takes exception to suggestions that her writings might have influenced Anders Behring Breivik’s actions.  Jennifer Rubin had to backtrack quickly when Al Qaida could no longer be blamed and she decided to blame “evil” instead. Bruce Bawer was deeply concerned that the massacre would – unfairly – hurt the cause. Anti-jihadist Pamela Geller says it’s “outrageous” that she’s been “assigned blame” and by some convoluted reasoning concludes that Breivik was a fascist (which thus absolves her). Robert Spencer denies any connection to Breivik and shrugs off any possible responsibility. Lionheart is getting desperate and has posted a rambling, incoherent and rather stupid statement. Glenn Beck has made a fool of himself again.

Hate-politicians now trying to protect the anti-Islam movement from any fall-out

Geert Wilders is getting as far away from Breivik as he can as being a lone idiot but is most concerned about  protecting the anti-Islam movement  from being associated with Breivik. Possibly the most stupid man in Sweden – let alone the most stupid politician – is the Sweden Democrat Erik HellsBorn (apt name) who said on Sunday that the massacre was the fault of multi-culturism. He was forced by his Party in a damage control exercise to remove the post from his blog and has now suspended all posts. But the Sweden Democrats are flailing about in their own little bog with Kent Ekeroth indulging in a complicated analysis that Breivik did not actually share the SD’s anti-immigration and anti-islamic views!!

Everybody may be running away from having any association with Breivik, but it would be a mistake to think that the massacre in Norway will stop the ranting in the blogosphere or the opportunistic politicians from stoking the fires of hate when it leads to electoral advantage. They will not concede so easily that they have fed and nurtured Breivik’s world in which his actions were made possible. But their line that Breivik was mad but his ideas are good just does not wash.

The shameless politicians of Italy’s Liga Nord (Mario Borghezio and Francesco Speroni), journalists (Oriana Fallaci) and the French National Front politicians (Jacques Coutela) have wasted no time in making statements supporting Breivik’s ranting. As self-proclaimed defenders of Western European civilisation their lack of class is striking and they leave a little to be desired.

Italy MEP backs ideas of Norway killer Breivik (BBC)

Ex-Berlusconi minister defends Anders Behring Breivik (The Guardian)

Could Paul Ray or Alan Lake be Anders Behring Breivik’s UK mentor?

July 26, 2011

Right wing bloggers are busy distancing themselves from Anders Behring Breivik. These include Robert Spencer, Baron Bodissey, Pam Geller, Carl in Jerusalem, EU Referendum, Lionheart and Fjordman among others. Some are mounting a defence of their views while trying to separate their ideologies from the actions in Norway.

The anti-immigration political parties in Scandinavia are busy trying to separate their ideologies and rantings from the “insanity” of Breivik’s actions. It is interesting that they are very quick to blame any terrorist action by any Islamist group onto Islam as a whole but are now desperately denying that their ideologies could have contributed any legitimacy to Breivik or to the massacre in Norway. This morning I listened to a spokesman for the Swedish Democrats on radio but he came across as being defensive, rather plaintive and peevish and suffering under the weight of unjust accusations.

The Freemasons in Norway and worldwide are are also trying to get as far away from Anders Behring Breivik and as quickly as possible.

The English Defence League is the most likely home of Breivik’s UK support. Paul Ray (Lionheart) of the English Defence League may be one of the favourites to be  “Richard” the UK mentor of Anders Behring Breivik.

Paul Ray

Facebook: “Paul Ray even by EDL standards is a ****ing nutter. a hardline Christian fundamentalist obssessed with the crusades and St George. Ray has already been kicked out of the EDL once for insubordination and organising demos and not turning up to them. 

But he is busy pointing the finger at Alan Lake.

It has been implied several places that due to the fact I use the name Lionheart on this blog and my anti-Islamic fundamentalism ideology is similar, not the same, as Anders Breivik that Richard could mean Richard the Lionheart, thus Lionheart could mean me.

I might be a Christian fundamentalist who has a deep dislike for Islamic fundamentalism who looks to Templarism as an example, but anyone who knows me knows that I personally would play no part in such inhumane savagery that has no place in the civilised world.

…….  and now the penny has finally dropped on who the most likely person is, who ‘Richard’ the English mentor of Anders Breivik is. EDL’s financier and political controller Alan Lake.

The Right Perspective:

The “perfect knight” Norwegian terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik said he met at a 2002 London initiation ceremony of the Knights Templar is English Defence League financier and political controller Alan Lake, according to a self-proclaimed “founding father” of the group.

Ray, who calls himself one of “the founding fathers” of the right-wing English Defence League, and was arrested three years ago for “inciting racial hatred” with his blog. He writes under the penname “Lionheart,” named after King Richard I, who earned the name Lionheart for commanding armies as a teenager during the Third Crusade.

Alan Lake addresses a Sweden Democrat conference in September 2009

Alan Lake addresses a Sweden Democrat conference in September 2009

Alan Lake is not an unlikely contender. Lake is a 45 -year-old businessman from Highgate, North London, who claims to have made his money through computers, and runs a series of intranet services for far-right groups around the world. He also has strong links with the anti-immigration parties in Sweden and Norway. He spoke at a seminar organised by Kent Ekeroth of the Sweden Democrats in Malmö on 6 September 2009. In April 2010, Lake admitted to a Norwegian TV channel that he had helped to fund the EDL. Following the Utoya Massacre in Norway on 24 July 2011, Lake commented:  “Apparently, in a long screed Anders Behring Breivik posted on line, he did this attack to protest against the way that Islam is taking over large parts of Europe. By attacking the leftist politicians that are enabling this, the chickens have actually come home to roost – altho I’m sure it won’t be depicted that way”.    

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