Right-wing bloggers and the hate-politicians back-pedalling as fast their little legs will carry them

The massacre in Norway by the self-confessed muslim-hating, Christian Fundamentalist, Freemason and Templar Knight Anders Behring Breivik has got the right-wing bloggers he identified with, and the hate-politicians he looked up to, running for cover. They are all busy distancing themselves from the killer, protesting their innocence vehemently, issuing new statements about how they have never advocated violence and how this is the work of a lone madman and that Breivik was never “one of them”. They conveniently forget that it is their politics of hate which has implicitly provided legitimacy for and which has fed and nurtured the distorted mind of  Anders Behring Breivik.

The retreat of the Bloggers:

On the Gates of Vienna, Fjordman has retired (exhausted – poor man), and  Baron Bodissey and Carl in Jerusalem are desperately attacking those who attack them for having double standards.  Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has decided to make a statement which – she says – will be her only one. EU Referendum is hurt by all the unfair and unjustified blame flowing its way. Melanie Phillips takes exception to suggestions that her writings might have influenced Anders Behring Breivik’s actions.  Jennifer Rubin had to backtrack quickly when Al Qaida could no longer be blamed and she decided to blame “evil” instead. Bruce Bawer was deeply concerned that the massacre would – unfairly – hurt the cause. Anti-jihadist Pamela Geller says it’s “outrageous” that she’s been “assigned blame” and by some convoluted reasoning concludes that Breivik was a fascist (which thus absolves her). Robert Spencer denies any connection to Breivik and shrugs off any possible responsibility. Lionheart is getting desperate and has posted a rambling, incoherent and rather stupid statement. Glenn Beck has made a fool of himself again.

Hate-politicians now trying to protect the anti-Islam movement from any fall-out

Geert Wilders is getting as far away from Breivik as he can as being a lone idiot but is most concerned about  protecting the anti-Islam movement  from being associated with Breivik. Possibly the most stupid man in Sweden – let alone the most stupid politician – is the Sweden Democrat Erik HellsBorn (apt name) who said on Sunday that the massacre was the fault of multi-culturism. He was forced by his Party in a damage control exercise to remove the post from his blog and has now suspended all posts. But the Sweden Democrats are flailing about in their own little bog with Kent Ekeroth indulging in a complicated analysis that Breivik did not actually share the SD’s anti-immigration and anti-islamic views!!

Everybody may be running away from having any association with Breivik, but it would be a mistake to think that the massacre in Norway will stop the ranting in the blogosphere or the opportunistic politicians from stoking the fires of hate when it leads to electoral advantage. They will not concede so easily that they have fed and nurtured Breivik’s world in which his actions were made possible. But their line that Breivik was mad but his ideas are good just does not wash.

The shameless politicians of Italy’s Liga Nord (Mario Borghezio and Francesco Speroni), journalists (Oriana Fallaci) and the French National Front politicians (Jacques Coutela) have wasted no time in making statements supporting Breivik’s ranting. As self-proclaimed defenders of Western European civilisation their lack of class is striking and they leave a little to be desired.

Italy MEP backs ideas of Norway killer Breivik (BBC)

Ex-Berlusconi minister defends Anders Behring Breivik (The Guardian)

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