2012 – Ten Hopes


I think I am an optimist and always have high hopes even if they are not often matched by my expectations or what actually transpires. But somehow the hopes remain.

A list of hopes can however be unending. So for 2012 I list just 10 – in no particular order or ranking:

  1.  that the killing stops
  2. that the food that is already plentiful and available can be distributed to all those who are in desperate need
  3. that India win the 4-Test series in Australia (though they were thrashed in the first match)
  4. that the Euro splits into two
  5. that the extremists of all kinds become marginalised and irrelevant
  6. that alarmism and sensationalism and belief systems are eliminated from science (though it undoubtedly helps to get funding)
  7. that having ethics replaces slavish compliance in politics and business
  8. that the do-gooders stop imposing their beliefs and telling others what is good for them
  9. that politicians realise that they are just civil servants, and
  10. that belief systems (whether in religions or economic theories or global warming) are subordinated to track records and evidence


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