New Google privacy policy does not bother me…….

I see that the EU and French authorities are getting all worked up about Google’s new privacy policy. But that by itself (the opposition by EU and French bureaucracy) makes me think it can’t be all bad. And if the Google dashboard truly reflects the information stored then it does not bother me.


Internet company Google has gone ahead with its new privacy policy despite warnings from the EU that it might violate European law. ….

But I am not especially concerned . In fact I am somewhat hopeful that the quality of the ads directed towards me will improve! They surely cannot get any worse.

I find that ads on websites (and even on TV) are ubiquitous, irritating, generally irrelevant and of rather poor quality. I am quite sure they do not influence my buying behaviour. If I ever click on a web-advertisement it is usually by mistake – but the back arrow usually gets me out. If anything, on-screen ads are counter-productive as far as I am concerned. They irritate me especially when I have to keep clicking on a “close” button to get rid of the ad and it is actually that irritation which I associate with the brand being promoted. I can rarely remember the content of the advertisement – but I do remember the “name” as being irritating. With TV ads, I associate the quality of the ad with the quality of the product/brand being promoted. So even when I am in a buying situation it is more than likely that I will steer clear of those brands that have an unpleasant association. In fact I cannot remember the last time I bought something after having seen an advertisement on the web or on TV. But I do recall buying some garden tools about a year ago after seeing an ad in a specialist magazine.

TV ads are now increasingly intrusive but it is so easy to surf away from the ads that the only ads I watch are those that are both “clever” and entertaining.  I observe that when the TV ads are particularly irritating then I often don’t even return to that channel to complete watching whichever program was interrupted.  I don’t believe these advertisements have much positive impact on my buying behaviour. Low quality ads have a clear negative impact. Since more and more money is being spent on these ads, I have to assume that they do work and that sales do improve – but I am surprised that my reactions seem to be that far out of the ordinary. I wonder sometimes whether programmers have any statistics to analyse the negative impact of ads on viewing and buying habits.

So when Google changes its privacy policy today so that they can better direct more relevant advertisements towards me, I take the view that things can only get better for me. Hopefully my level of irritation with what I consider as stupid and intrusive ads will reduce.

I have no objection if truly relevant and interesting ads actually influence my buying behaviour. What I object to are the overwhelming number of stupid and irrelevant ads that I am forced to endure and which take time to suppress or move away from.

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