“Even the dead don’t escape the carbon tax”

Julia Gillard’s carbon tax in action!

From news.com.au

AN apology has been issued to a grieving family by a cemetery which told them they were being charged a $55 carbon tax to bury a relative. ….. 

The family claimed that the cemetery slapped them with a $55 carbon tax bill for burying a relative – saying “even the dead don’t escape the carbon tax” – just days after the tax was introduced.

The outraged family complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, describing it as a “tax on the dying”.

Erica Maliki said the Melbourne cemetery told her and two other relatives that a $55 charge would be applied to her father-in-law’s burial due to the carbon tax. …..

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said it would be “reprehensible” if any cemetery took advantage of grieving families by misleading them over funeral expenses.

It comes as three companies were reprimanded by the consumer watchdog for cashing in on the carbon tax.

The ACCC said that it was investigating solar panel suppliers

Polaris Solar and ACT Renewable Energy for providing false information on the cost impacts of the tax, while bakery chain Brumby’s was caught advising outlets to raise prices and blame the carbon tax.

While cemeteries are not liable entities under the carbon tax, the funeral industry has previously warned of indirect price rises for both burials as well as cremations through higher energy prices and councils passing on their carbon tax costs.

And as ACM points out:

In any event, technically, burial is carbon sequestration. If it had been a cremation, however…

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