The reality of “climate change” for a gardener

Reality has this nasty habit of rudely intruding upon climate models – and the pronouncements of august bodies like the IPCC.

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A reader kindly points me to the blog of UK seed merchant Thompson and Morgan, where Emma Cooper is wondering what to plant this year:

Over the years in which climate change has been discussed in the media, there have been continual suggestions that it will be of benefit to gardeners – allowing us to grow fruit and vegetable crops that enjoy the continental climate, but fail to thrive in a traditional British summer. As those warm summer days have failed to materialise, and look increasing unlikely, I am eyeing up my new allotment with a view to planting crops that will enjoy our cool climate. ……

But 97% of the world’s “climate scientists” can’t be wrong – can they?

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2 Responses to “The reality of “climate change” for a gardener”

  1. akgpodcastEmma Says:

    I wasn’t suggesting that climate change isn’t happening, rather that the results are unlikely to be the warmer summers the British media were hoping for!

    • ktwop Says:

      Yes indeed.
      And not just the media.
      Usually when reality does not match model predictions, the models are reassessed — not the data.

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