Words of un-wisdom

I lost my last wisdom tooth this week. It is still painful and this leads me to my many unwisdoms.

If it has to be subsidised, it is not sustainable

Evidence does not require consensus

Human behaviour is “natural” behaviour

Environmentalism which ignores humans is not for humans.

The environment includes humans. An environment without humans is inhuman.

Conservation as stagnation is stupid. 

Protecting unsuccessful species by confining them in an artificial habitat and constraining them to their unsuccessful behaviour is irresponsible.

Genetic modification of species so they can succeed together with man is the way to go.

Without change all is stasis and there is no life.

Conservatism is hankering after no change.

Socialism is for humans becoming an ant colony where the colony takes precedence.

Liberalism is the generosity of others for my good.

Democracy is to justify and authorise the oppression of minorities.

Gender equality does not mean that the genders have been reduced to one.

Rights for the transgender community does not increase the genders to three.

Protecting the rights of those who behave badly does not make their behaviour any the less bad.

Explaining bad behaviour does not excuse it.

Civilisation is about the elegance of behaviour.

Equality of process cannot eradicate the inequalities between individuals.

If all individuals are equal then there are no individuals.

Inequality is a prime motivator for change.

Warmth is good.

Voting for a hypothesis may give a numerical result but says nothing about the hypothesis.


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