“Please Sir, my plane was stolen —- 7 days ago”

This is surreal.

It has kept my attention totally engaged for the last 8 days.

If Tom Clancy had written this plot it would have been considered a little far-fetched. But we have seen a modern government, in this the 21st century, play out this unreal plot. It seems to be a remarkably daring and sophisticated exploit with many governments and agencies – not just the Malaysian – following a pre-written script like puppets.

But who is the puppet-master?

A Malaysia Airlines airliner (a Boeing 777-200ER – registration 9M-MRO) with 239 passengers and crew on board was stolen in mid-flight, on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing as Flight MH370, and taken to some unknown hide-away, by unknown perpetrators for some unknown motive. It happened 7 days ago but the theft was not discovered till now. The perpetrators covered their tracks so well that we don’t even know which way the plane was headed.

It could have gone North or it could have gone South.

It could have flown up to 2,000 nautical miles from its last known position.

It could have crashed in the sea, or not.

It could have landed on an uninhabited island in the Southern Indian Ocean, or not

It could be in Central Asia, or not.

The passengers may be alive, or not.

The pilot and co-pilot may have been involved, or not.

Other passengers may have been involved, or not.

Two passengers were travelling on false passports, but they were not terrorists – we think.

The aircraft may still be intact, or not.

But we are not confused.

We know with certainty that we don’t know what we don’t know.

Maybe the Malaysian Government and Malaysia Airlines were just unlucky to be chosen by the puppet-master. I am not entirely sure that any other government would not also have been compelled to follow this puppeteer’s script.

But there are still 239 lives at stake.


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