When pigs do fly

After two weeks of being immersed in the tragic story of MH370, I suppose I am looking for the absurd and the trivial as some kind of a reaction. My mind,  it would seem , can only take so much of tragedy.

The LocalBystanders were left in shock when a truck collapsed in central Sweden, sending more than 200 frozen pigs flying across the road. ..

“Everything went everywhere – it truly was flying pigs.”  

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon near Kumla, a small town south of Örebro in central Sweden. The truck was on a roundabout at the time and the pig carcasses were hanging on hooks from the trailer  ceiling. …….. the weight of the pigs was enough to cause the roof to cave in as the truck took a left turn into the roundabout.  …

While no one was hurt by the flying pigs, traffic was heavily delayed ….

Truck collapse sends 200 frozen pigs flying

200 frozen flying pigs Photo: Kicki Nilsson/TT


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