April Fool – Scottish theme in UK papers and IPCC gets its timing wrong (again)

I opened my gmail today to Google’s “Shelfie” April Fool prank. A little heavy handed I thought.

Google maps has a Pokemon prank.

The IPCC April Fool Report was released one day early and some gullible people are taking it seriously. (Of course the IPCC is probably the longest running and most expensive joke in recorded history).

UK papers have a Scottish theme with stories about an independent Scotland driving on the right, replacing the Queen’s head with Alex Salmond’s on coins and how the Union Jack would expunge the cross of St. Andrew.

Elsewhere there are also stories about apps for snoring – but in these days even the most ridiculous app could make you a fortune.

I am sure there are many more stories and pranks – but few to match the IPCC.

Do send in your favourites.


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