Are all spammers watching the World Cup? or why the Spanish team are like potato plants

I usually check my spam folder once a day every morning. Once in a while I find something there which isn’t spam. I have enrolled for a number of subscriptions but where my interest in the subject waxes and wanes. Sometimes, therefore, I delete a number of consecutive  mails and the spam filter picks that up and starts putting these into spam. But retrieving such mail seems to be sufficient to reset the filter to again accept them. I typically get around 50 – 60 spam messages a day and about half of them are in Chinese. Many are of course for Viagara. Most of the Indian spam is for real estate deals. Always 5 – 10 messages regarding some “Register/Query from the home page”  with weird, female, Eastern-Europe- sounding, sender’s names (clearly generated by a very poor program).

But the number of spam messages have been sharply down yesterday and today. This morning there were only 3. It is Saturday morning so it could be the weekend effect. But my working hypothesis is that even the spammers are watching the World Cup matches. And they were all watching yesterday’s Spain – Netherlands match .

In the first half the Spanish flattered to deceive. But in the second half it was just abject surrender. The Spanish team, like the potato plants of the old Spanish saying, were basking in past glories and forgot they were playing a match.

“A man who prides himself on his ancestry is like the potato plant, the best part of which is underground”

Netherlands 5   –  Spain -1!!

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