Science needs some scienticians

Physic gave rise to physicians long before physics was practiced by a physicist,

Mathematics gives mathematicians, but who would trust a mathematist. 

A practitioner of an “ology” has an honourable profession,

So biologistsoncologists, archaeologists and geologists can be numbered by the million. 

Without the richness of an “ist” modern politics would be barren,

politicist has a murky trade but he is not a politician

We have leftists and rightists and socialists and you can even find some libertarians,

But for all the mayhem in the world, you will not find any extremians.

Environmentalists and conservationists are politically very fashionable,

But their devious methods have now become – rather questionable. 

Philosophy was where it started but we rarely refer to philosophists,

And many of the scientists of today are little more than sophists. 

It was only in 1840 that scientists were one of Whewell’s inventions,

But they are now two-a-penny, and we could do with a few scienticians.

It should be quite clear that I think that there are far too many who claim to be scientists though they do no science. It then becomes useful to distinguish the real scienticians from the rabble. And perhaps the same could apply to the real economians among the multitude of clerks who call themselves economists.

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