MH370: Further indications of a deliberate event to prevent technology reaching Beijing

It has now been over 3 months since MH370 vanished without trace.

My theory from two months ago about the disappearance was that this was a deliberate, probably state-sponsored, very well executed and successful  action to prevent certain technology, some sensitive hardware and some particular technical people from reaching Beijing.

There were 20 Chinese software experts on board. They had been working for Freescale Technology in Texas on technology which could convert ordinary aircraft into “stealth” aircraft. Patents had been applied for but have not yet been granted. MH 370 was carrying a “large” package as a Chinese diplomatic package and was therefore not subject to any search or security procedures. The speculative, uncorroborated but plausible and most parsimonious explanation becomes:

  1. The Chinese software engineers “stole” technology on behalf of the Chinese government from Freescale.
  2. Freescale was slow in picking up the theft and alerting the authorities.
  3. US intelligence and security agencies were unable to prevent the engineers and their package from reaching Malaysia.
  4. They were also unable to prevent the engineers boarding MH370 bound for Beijing or the precious cargo from being loaded as diplomatic cargo.
  5. The operational arm of a US Security Agency took the decision – without recourse to their political masters – to prevent the engineers and their cargo from reaching Beijing, at any cost.
  6. ………. 

It is now reported in this “NextNews” video that the patent in question was granted 4 days after the flight disappeared!! The patent was in the names of 4 Chinese engineers and their employer Freescale which happens to be owned by Rothschild. All the 4 inventors of record were on board and with their deaths all the patent rights now revert to the company. While this report implies a financial motive, I don’t think that holds. In corporate patents all the exploitation rights are usually with the corporate entity and not with the individual inventors. The individual inventors may have had some little share in any eventual revenues but these would have been (relatively) quite small. What was actually achieved was that none of the inventors or their cargo or the knowledge in their heads reached Beijing. And that remains the most likely motive. The timing of the granting of the patent – 4 days later – when there could no longer be any question of ownership is also suggestive.

It still seems to me that the most parsimonious explanation for the vanishing is that somebody wanted to prevent the Freescale engineers and their diplomatically protected cargo  from reaching Beijing. They succeeded completely and also in obliterating all traces of their actions. All the other deaths were merely collateral damage.

 h/t: Nessan


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