Warm snow

Protesting Global Warming at the University of Colorado.

ffcu facebook page

ffcu facebook page

Daily Caller:

Global warming activists should probably start planning their protests for the summer because the second climate rally — within just days of a major one in Canada — has been buried in snow.

Student activists with Fossil Free CU have camped out the University of Colorado, staging a “sit in” meant to show the Board of Regents the group’s commitment to getting the school to divest its endowment of fossil fuel holdings.

The group’s Facebook page shows students braving the elements to convince the Board of Regents to ditch fossil fuels to fight global warming. Unfortunately for them, the “Gore effect” has kicked in and may blunt their arguments that the world is catastrophically warming.

The “Gore effect” has made its mark this year on several protests, including a major one last week in Quebec City where thousands of demonstrators marched through snow and frigid weather. Earlier this year, a divestment protest at Yale University was cancelled due to “unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues,” according to organizers.

That AGW is a religion and a matter of faith – which ignores reality – is apparent. Alarmism and the antics of the unthinking acolytes indicates that there is something to be said for the notion that evolution is causing the dumbing-down of the human race. Alarmism is quite simply the subordination of actions to fear – which is my definition of cowardice. We probably reached peak intelligence as hunter-gatherers and the modern “welfare state” is most likely accelerating the decline.

If “intelligence” is an inherited characteristic – as it seems at least partially to be –  then it is only a matter of simple arithmetic that unless the “more intelligent” reproduce at a higher rate than those of “less intelligence” then the “average intelligence” of the population will inevitably decrease.

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4 Responses to “Warm snow”

  1. Alan Jensen Says:

    I do not think that the problem is intelligence! The problem is actually what is being taught at all levels of education from elementary school to the university. Students today learn quickly that if they question the material presented by their teacher or professor they are punished. Critical inquiry is just not tolerated. I find it amazing that the preachers of tolerance have actually become the most intolerant.

  2. Eric Says:

    This is the result of 12 years of indoctrination by the public school system. A little critical thinking would have spared them the frigid camping experience.

    Just a thought: How many of these kids think the polar Bear population is in danger of extinction due to a lack of ice?

  3. Eye's Open Says:

    Indifferent to modern education one half of any population, from two to the world, is below average. It is a simple fact of reality. The danger lies in the power of the media. It only takes a few with more than average intelligence to gain control and use the power of the media to indoctrinate that portion of the population which is easily swayed and thus gains unworthy control and power.


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