If Miliband is Moses does that make Cameron the Pharaoh?

“Red” Ed Miliband, aka Milibrand, aka Moses, is getting much attention from the photoshoppers with his 8ft high limestone tablet of “commandments.

Moses Miliband

But that would make Cameron the Pharaoh to Moses Miliband.

And if my memory serves, Aaron, Moses’ elder brother acted as his spokesperson, his “prophet”, because Moses could not speak very well.

I suppose Nicola Sturgeon could be a Miriam to “Red” Ed Moses Milibrand and Nigel Farage would be best suited as the High Priest of Amun.

(Nick Clegg does not count).

But whether Moses won or Ramses II won depends on who tells the story. After all Ramses managed to expel Moses and his people and continued to rule for a very long time.

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