The all white, all Oxbridge, representatives of the British “working class”

I hear that the Union “Unite” and its leader Len McCluskey have effectively taken over the Labour Party leadership contest. So whoever is elected leader will have little choice but to lead the party into a decade of oblivion.

But interestingly the qualifications of the contenders for leadership to represent the British “working class” are very revealing as to how the “working-class” can be defined today:

All white, all Oxbridge and all bar one even have the same haircut!

And I don’t suppose that any one of them has ever worked in a factory that actually manufactures wealth.

This from Guido:

Guido Labour party contenders

All of the Labour Party leadership candidates are scions of privilege:

Andy Burnham:
English, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

Yvette Cooper:
PPE, Balliol College, Oxford.

Mary Creagh:
Languages, Pembroke College, Oxford.

Liz Kendall:
History, Queens’ College, Cambridge.

Doctor the Honourable Tristram Julian William Hunt:
History, Trinity College, Cambridge.

The British “working class” that I first came across, 50 years ago, as a green apprentice on the shop-floor of a factory in the Midlands, seems to have changed considerably – but not in the manner I would have expected. Maybe the people who actually work and make things no longer qualify as the “working-class”.


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