Dangerous, brown cow shot dead after 3 hour chase in its bid for freedom

It’s true.

A dangerous, brown cow has been shot dead by police after it escaped from a field near Newcastle during a three-hour operation involving armed units and a helicopter.

Perhaps this will be a deterrent for other cows which try to escape from lawful slavery.

The Chronicle:

The cow which was later shot by police in Wallsend

The brown cow which was later shot by police in Wallsend – The Chronicle

Police shot dead an escaped cow following a massive operation involving armed officers and a helicopter. The beast was one of three to escape from a farm in Wallsend yesterday afternoon. Northumbria Police deployed marksmen, aerial support and, eyewitnesses said, 15 to 20 cars, closing roads in a bid to keep the animals off the busy A1058 Coast Road.

Witnesses said they believed three cows escaped from the Rising Sun Farm in Wallsend, though two were later recaptured. However the manager of the farm later told the Chronicle that the farm did not have any cows. 

Up to 20 police cars were reported at a field behind O’Hanlon Crescent where armed police were tracking one brown cow. Residents approached the animal, which one bystander claimed to be “distressed”, although others said it was not moving. Resident Barry Aitchison, 56, said people were watching police deal with the cow.

He claimed armed officers then asked to enter his house to shoot the beast from an upstairs window but that there was not enough room for them to do so. Instead, Mr Aitchison claims, they went to his neighbour’s property from where the cow was shot and killed at around 5.15pm.





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