2nd day of Indian President’s invisible visit to Sweden wasted on “sustainable”

The second day of the President’s State Visit to Sweden was about as invisible in the Swedish (and Indian) media as the first. The theme of the day was “sustainable development of towns and cities” which is one of these “politically correct” but quite meaningless themes where the word “sustainable” is added for the sake of form. India is not immune to the disease of fashionable phrases and is trying to develop about 100 “smart” cities where “smart” like “sustainable” is a meaningless term. Nothing labelled “sustainable” or “smart” has any value if it is not first economically viable. Most projects which are labelled “sustainable” usually include the term only because it makes getting funding so much easier. More often than not, the use of such fashionable, politically correct descriptors is a certain indicator that the project is not economically viable.

It would have been far better if instead of “sustainability nonsense” the visit of the President could have focused on how Swedish technology and investment could assist development and be made relevant for Indian conditions – and always with the proviso that the development had to be economically viable.

Sweden is one of many European countries which is pouring money down the black hole of so-called “sustainable” projects which are not economically viable. The Swedish Minister for Housing and Urban Development is Mehmet Kaplan, from the Green Party. He is something of a specialist at proposing “sustainable” but uneconomic projects. (I am not sure if the Indian Ambassador had done her homework and had informed the President that Kaplan is also the person who thought that radicalised Swedes who went to join IS could be compared to Swedish-Finn patriots returning to Finland to fight against the Russians. India has a particular problem with radicalised Muslim youth who are fodder for the Pakistan-based terrorist groups operating in Kashmir.)

From the Royal Court:

…. The president’s second day in Sweden began in Parliament and a meeting with President Urban Ahlin. Subsequently, Prime Minister Stephen Löfven received him for talks at Rosenbad. Topics discussed included cooperation between Sweden and India and the prospects for increased exchange of trade and science.

The King and Queen, The Crown Princess and the President then participated in a seminar on sustainable urban development, which took place at Stockholm City Hall. Gunnar Söderholm, head of Stockholm’s environmental management made a presentation entitled Sustainable Stockholm.  Stockholm city thenwere hosts for the  lunch at the city hall.

The afternoon program continued on the theme of sustainable urban development with a trip to Hammarby Sjöstad. The day ended with the King and Queen’s gala dinner for the President.

There seem to be very few interesting pictures from yesterday.

Sofia Hellqvist, Prins Carl Philip, Drottningen, Indiens president Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Kungen, Kronprinsessan och Prins Daniel. Foto: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Sofia Hellqvist, Prince Carl Philip, Queen Sylvia, Pranab Mukherjee, The King, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Lunch at Stockholm City Hall, 1 juni 2015. Photo Kungahuset.se

Today is the last day of Pranab Mukherjee’s State Visit.


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