“Global warming” on vacation as July temperatures rival last November

Reality seems quite different to the fanciful computer models of the alarmists. Where has the imagined global warming gone? Of course “global warming” is not something that can be experienced or observed. Global temperature is an artefact. It can only be calculated from “adjusted” and “homogenised” data where the past has been cooled and continues to be cooled with every year that passes. The algorithms used to adjust and homogenise real data seem to be designed to produce pre-determined results. From raw temperature data, there is no evidence of man-made global warming.

We had 3 days here in Sweden over 30ºC last week. The fantasists began talking about a “heat wave”. Since then it has felt like March or November. The maximum today will not exceed 13ºC.

(Note that in the UK, on one day last week – and based on one temperature reading at an airport – it was claimed that it was the hottest day for 200 years. Even if the sensational conclusion was correct – which it was not since it was hotter in 1976 – it would only demonstrate that it was hotter 200 years ago and long before man made emissions were of any significance).


November Chill – in the middle of July
The summer warmth is conspicuous by its absence. And the mercury can hardly get to more than 12 degrees in Stockholm. It is as cold as last November.

The summer warmth will have to wait a good long while. Low pressures are relentless in Sweden – and today it is colder than in a long time. The temperature in Stockholm just before midday is about 12 degrees. It is as cold as the beginning of November last year.

“This is unusually cold and far below the normal temperature”, says Eva Strandberg, meteorologist at SMHI.

It does not appear that it will be much warmer anytime soon. “During the next 10 days or so it does not look like there will be any high pressure. The unstable weather will dominate and perhaps with a few days up to 20 degrees. There is a continued risk of showers”, says Eva Strandberg.


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