Snow in Hawaii in July – another omen of the coming ice age?

Mauna Kea gets snow in winter but not in July – when Hawaii is supposed to be sweltering.

The omens are gathering. The false prophets of global warming will tell us that cold weather is perfectly consistent with a warming Earth.We ignore these divine omens of a coming ice age at our peril.

Hawaii News Now:

While most of Hawaii experiences sweltering conditions this July, part of the Big Island might seem like winter after Mauna Kea got some snow overnight.

Officials have closed the road to the summit of Mauna Kea Friday after snow fell and caused icy road conditions. A ranger reported mixed rain and snow, fog and 1.5 inches of frozen snow on the summit.

IMAGE TAKEN ON MAUNA KEA – JULY 17, 2015 Hawaii News Now

Image: Mauna Kea Weather Center

Image: Mauna Kea Weather Center 17 July 2015

With another ice age on its way, thank goodness for fossil fuels.


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