Trump’s cabinet

A US Presidential election is one of my entertainment highlights. But next year it runs the risk of becoming an exceedingly boring affair if it becomes “another Clinton, another Bush”. But it could be the most entertaining ever if Trump is there as the GOP candidate or as an independent (and the GOP risks becoming obsolete if Trump runs as an independent). The silent majority of the “fed up” – not just Republicans but in the country – could be big enough to bring in the clowns.

But what could be even more entertaining than such an election would be watching Trump choose his cabinet as the President of the US. I can just see him interviewing prospective candidates – and who wouldn’t be a fly on the wall for those interviews. Imagine if he makes that all part of a reality show. “The West Wing” would be eclipsed. Imagine if viewers/voters could ring in to express support or rejection of a Foreign Secretary or Defense Secretary? Then the top 50 in his administration (by annual salary including bonuses) would be subject to a monthly performance review with Key Performance Indicators being published. The lowest performer each month would be fired  – on live Television of course.

If one pays any attention to the nonsense speculation (here for example) we could have a cabinet which included

  • Kim Kardashian, Vice President
  • Sarah Palin, Secretary of (?) Defense
  • Trey Gowdy, Attorney General
  • Ron Paul, Fed Chairman
  • Jesse Ventura, Secretary of State
  • Ivanka Trump, Secretary of the Treasury
  • Carlos Irwin Estevez (Charlie Sheen), Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Omarosa Manigault, CoS
  • Warren Buffet, Henry Kravis, Jack Welch, and Carl Icahn, would be senior advisors and members of his selection/interview panel.

John McCain would not be invited.

Foreign policy under Trump could be fascinatingly simple. Mexico would be made to pay for building the wall. He would “bomb the hell out of Iraq and ISIS” and take over Iraqi oil – “We shouldn’t be there but since we are, we should take the oil”. A Twitter war would be started with Iran. Israel would be a US friend on Facebook. Palestine would be defriended. China would be fined for hacking and forced to accept a Trump Hotels franchise in all major cities.

It is not clear if Las Vegas will replace the White House or Camp David.

But that is all just fantasy – maybe wishful thinking. I am resigned to “another Clinton another Bush” and potentially the most boring US Presidential election in my lifetime.



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