Windows 10 arrived – some good, some pretty bad

So my Windows 10 arrived. It took a couple of hours and certainly the Start Menu is a happy return.

windows 10

I have disabled most of the MS intrusions I can on Settings. But not everything is working. And there is still too much rubbish with their “tiles”.

  • Too many logins and verification of accounts – and they are intrusive enough.
  • My back-up drive (external) is totally confused and all backup attempts by Windows have failed so far.
  • All Apps that I try to get at the Store are stuck in some “pending” limbo.
  • Microsoft keeps trying – unsuccessfully – to download additional features to my pc.
  • The card games available are pathetic.
  • I had some difficulty in finding some of my old programs (now called Apps) but they were all there. Some needed to get updates. Theyb are still programs to me.
  • This “file explorer” seems to be inferior.
  • Calendar does not work
  • Maps are pretty inferior – I’m back to Google Maps and Google Earth.

On the plus side the upgrade was relatively painless – just a little time consuming. After some of the scare stories about the difficulties of avoiding Edge, I found it was no great difficulty to stay with Google Chrome. I have looked at Edge, but only very superficially and don’t immediately see any advantages for me. I have no idea what Cortana does or could do for me and I am not going to miss it very much. It seems to boot a little faster – but not by much. But a very pleasant surprise is that my mobile broadband connection is – for some unknown reason – is some 50% or more faster than it was. However the download has absorbed – directly or indirectly – some 7 GB of additional data transfer (judging from my normal usage compared to the last 8 days).

I shall give Microsoft some time to get their Windows 10 bugs sorted out and the fixes downloaded before making any “final” judgement.

But nothing so far has changed my mind that when this pc eventually dies I shall replace it with an iMac.


imac 27


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  1. jack broughton Says:

    The future is mac, especially as you can get word and excel free!

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