Chastity belts to protect the Missouri legislature?

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This little article conjured up a vision of all interns at the Missouri legislature being required to wear chastity belts.


Missouri state Rep. Kevin Engler (R) sent a memo to his colleagues Monday night with suggestions, including minimum number of credit hours for participation and mandatory sexual harassment training for both interns and lawmakers, according to the Kansas City Star on Tuesday.

The move came after two legislators, including former Missouri House Speaker John Diehl (R), resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment of interns. State Rep. Bill Kidd (R) responded to Engler with a suggestion of his own: “Intern dress code,” he wrote, according to the newspaper. Rep. Nick King (R) agreed, the newspaper reported.

Jessica Tigra – Denver Fashion Week – Ira Sherman Chastity belt Couture 2014: Couture 2014

I suppose it makes sense to the legislators to put the onus on their victims. A case of locking up the temptations that arouse the base instincts of the predators?

Of course all this led to further visions of compulsory chastity belts being used as fashion statements. Some changes to materials would be required. Metal would have to be replaced by some new fabric though chain-mail could still work. Kevlar and diamonds perhaps for casual Fridays and more formal wear for regular use? Of course it would all have to be unisex. Moulded, kevlar jeans could work quite well.




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