From the kitchen window

After a relatively mild December (snow didn’t arrive until the 27th), we have had a few days now at -20ºC (though it has been down to -44ºC in the North). We have had no blizzards but steady snowfall is building up the snow levels.

El Nino is weakening and children have good prospects of healthy snow levels for the “sports week” vacations in February.

From my kitchen window 20160109

From my kitchen window 20160109



2 Responses to “From the kitchen window”

  1. Alan Jensen Says:

    The first measurable (about 1 inch) snow of Winter 2015/16 came to central Ohio yesterday. Love El Nino winters! We were still playing golf in the middle of December.

    • ktwop Says:

      Mind you, snow never stopped a true golfer. You may even remember the case of the “true enthusiast” who would not return to Japan until he had played 3 holes here, in February, in the snow, with orange, fluorescent balls. I believe they only needed one club – officially a sand wedge but it was actually a spoon!

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