We’re having a heat wave, …..

After 16 consecutive days with daily high temperatures between -12ºC and -18ºC, and daily lows between -15ºC and -24ºC, a blast of hot air is now passing over us from the south west. For about 12 hours we are told we may see temperatures as high as -6ºC before returning to less than -12ºC for the rest of the week.

Though the sun rises at 0831 and sets at 1543, the days are getting perceptibly longer.

Roll on summer.

heat wave 20160118

heat wave 20160118

We’re having a heat wave
A tropical heat wave
The temperature’s rising
It isn’t surprising …

Irving Berlin

In winter we spend most of our time in heated spaces at around +20ºC. In summer we cool our spaces to about 22-24ºC. We are after all, evolved for tropical climates.

If only the global warming fantasy were true (which it isn’t).



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