Swedish Green Party leader more concerned about the effect on Muslims after 9/11 “accidents”

The Swedish Green Party is living in some fantasy dream world of its own. The 9/11 atrocities were merely “accidents” and their concern is more for Muslim communities who felt the backlash after the attack than for the 3,000 victims of the Islamic terror attacks.

"An accident" according to Åsa Romson

“An accident” according to Åsa Romson

Their leader, Åsa Romson, euphemistically called a “spokesperson” (in Swedish literally a “mouthpiece”!), was on TV this morning defending her party member Mehmet Kaplan who resigned yesterday as Housing Minister. He resigned (actually was fired) because it was revealed that he was in the habit of hobnobbing with Islamic extremists and neo-fascists and for his rather stupid comparisons of Israelis to Nazis. Åsa Romson, this morning, was still in admiration of his “values” and then revealed her own mind-set when she applauded him for helping the Muslim community during the backlash after the “9/11 accidents”.

It was almost unbelievable that she could so nonchalantly dismiss the almost 3,000 people who were murdered by islamic terrorists (Al Qaida) on that day as being the victims of an accident. She later defended her ridiculous statement by saying that she was focusing on the travails of the Muslim community and their isolation and on the difficulties of integration.

In her warped and twisted world, it seems the backlash against Muslim communities was more important than the terrorist atrocity that claimed  3,000 victims and the effects on their families. That Muslim communities (not all but many) celebrated the 9/11 atrocities was of little concern.

She also has the dubious distinction of claiming that the plight of refugees to Europe was to be compared to Auschwitz (but she actually thought that Auschwitz was somewhere in southern Germany). Even for a Green politician – who all lack common sense – she is/was remarkably uninformed, callous and insensitive. The terrorists and extremists can never be challenged with the Åsa Romsons of this world sitting in government.

Stefan Löfven and the ruling Social Democrats in Sweden do not have the courage to dump the Greens from the coalition government – though many would like them to. Unfortunately the Moderate Party in opposition does not either have the courage to do what they are supposed to  – oppose.

And so we are left with the Greens continuing in government while inhabiting their own rose-coloured, fantasy world. And Sweden’s reputation for being a place where extremists and terrorists are not jut tolerated, but actively protected by politicians in government, grows. Åsa Romson is Deputy Prime Minister and her stupidities cannot be construed as anything but being a representation of the Government’s views.

Her position is untenable. She really does have to go.


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