Norwegian court mollycoddles Breivik, the monster

The European convention on human rights defies common sense. It is yet another experiment of Europe which has gone wrong.

Breivik has won part of his case against the Norwegian State and has been awarded 330000 kronor in damages. A district court found that his “rights” under Article 3 have been breached. But the court found that rticle 8 had not been breached.

Swedish RadioAccording to the judgment, The terrorist has been exposed to so degrading a treatment in prison that it involves a violation of article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits torture and degrading treatment as punishment.
The ruling was that Breivik has been isolated for so long, for over four and a half years. According to the district court Breivik’s mental health condition had not taken sufficient account of when his restrictions in prison were decided.
The extensive strip searches and nightly checks Breivik is subjected to can not be adequately justified from a safety perspective in law. ….. Oslo District Court however acquits the Norwegian government from allegations of breach of the European Convention, article 8, dealing among other things, with the right to correspondence with people in the outside world.

Breivik’s 77 victims are spinning in their graves and the European Convention on Human Rights is proving to be a donkey.


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