Why is the Swedish Green Party still in government? (Green Party probably infiltrated by extremists)

UPDATE! It seems my assessment that the Swedish Green Party has been infiltrated and some sections hijacked by islamist extremists is shared by researchers at the Centre for Asymmetric Threats and Terrorism Studies at the Swedish National Defence College.

AftonbladetLars Nicander, Director of the Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defence College, fears that the Green Party has been infiltrated by Islamists.
He draws parallels to the Soviet Union who tried to infiltrate political parties and organizations during the Cold War.
“People who seem to have links with or sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood have obviously gained a foothold in the Green Party”, says Lars Nicander.

How on earth can the Social Democrats continue to have the Greens within government? 

The 4 finger Muslim Brotherhood sign used in Egypt has been used by a number of islamists within the Green Party.

Kaplan  apparently making the Muslim Brotherhood sign Image: Expressen

Mehmet Kaplan apparently making the Muslim Brotherhood sign Image: Expressen

That radicals and extremists have always looked for cover within existing parties or organisations is a phenomenon which has taken off after the fall of communism. Former communists usually find a hiding place among so called Social Democrats or other left-of-centre parties, since it is no longer politically viable to retain the name “Communist”. In Sweden for example, the former Communist Party has tried to rebrand itself as the “Left party” though the members remain essentially communist. Radical left sympathisers have also found a cloak of respectability within supposedly environmental organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund, The Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the like. Many of the programmes and actions ascribed to these organisations have effectively been hijacked by hard-left extremists who have no other home.

The same technique of hiding within sight under the cover of an existing organisation as used by the loony left is being adopted by radical islamist groups in Europe. They cannot openly form radical islamist parties in Europe, but they can join other organisations which are naive enough and gullible enough to allow them in. They are helped in this infiltration exercise by the reluctance of anybody to scrutinise them too closely, because – by the rules of political correctness – that would be racist. In Sweden it has been the Green Party which has been the most naive and gullible and so keen to avoid any charges of being racist, that it has been heavily infiltrated by radical islamists. There are some local sections of the Greens which have not just been infiltrated but have been hijacked by extremists.

The fall-out from the last weeks revelations of the extremist connections of the Green Party’s Housing Minister, Mehmet Kaplan, which led to his resignation are now exposing some of this. The head of the Swedish Young Muslims, Yasri Khan was a member and was being nominated for the Greens governing body when it was revealed that he would not shake a woman reporter’s hand. The naivete of the nominating committee (combined with an amazing cowardice) borders on gross negligence. Though his view of women was well known within the party, as was his reluctance to condemn the death penalty for apostasy, it was not shaking the reporter’s hand which exploded in the media. He had little choice but to turn tail and run. He subsequently withdrew his candidature for the governing committee and even said he was leaving the party. Both Khan and Kaplan have very strong connections to Turkish far-right and Erdogan support groups. They and others have even inveigled local sections of the Green Party to make trips to Turkey in support of Erdogan supporters. Erdogan’s supporters seem to be very well represented in the Party.

In any event, the reaction of feminist Sweden to the reluctance to take the hand of “unclean” women has exploded like a bomb in the face of the Green Party. The contemptuous part was that the “mouthpieces” (euphemism for leaders), Romson and Fridolin, did not – and still do not – quite understand how their party has been infiltrated and hijacked. Their own set of values too are highly suspect. They are both probably too young to have any conception of what the Nazis did to the Jews. For some inexplicable reason, the nominating committee are not being sacked on the spot for their gross incompetence. And now the Party is reduced to sending out instructions to the entire party – as if they were a bunch of rowdy toddlers – on how they are to behave, in the form of an open letter. The letter is signed by Fridolin and Romson — who could perhaps do with some behavioural therapy themselves.

The Greens came into the coalition government in 2014 even though they had the support of just 6.9% of the voters. That itself gave them a power position entirely out of proportion to their support. The Social Democrats needed them to stay in power. Their support is crumbling and yet Steafan Löfven and the Social Democrats have not the courage to dump them. To make matters worse the Moderates – who are in opposition but do not oppose – have not the courage either to face an early election by causing the government to fall.

Sweden currently has a government of the minority for the minority. A minority in which a minority Green Party has more say than they are entitled to. And a Green Party in which a minority radical islamist element has far greater say than they are entitled to.



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