Islamists abandoning the sinking Swedish Green Party

It seems quite clear that after the recent revelations, islamists no longer see the Green Party as a useful vehicle for promoting the caliphate or the introduction of Sharia law. No doubt there is a witch hunt going on within the party. The word has gone out to islamists, it seems, to abandon the sinking Green ship. It may be a deliberate strategy to leave the party before they are asked to leave.

Swedish democracy, which already unduly favours minorities, is being strained by having the Green Party in government.

Sweden currently has a government of the minority for the minority. A minority in which a minority Green Party has more say than they are entitled to. And a Green Party in which a minority radical islamist element has far greater say than they are entitled to.

It started last week with Mehmet Kaplan of the Swedish Green Party being sacked (“resigned”) as Housing Minister from the coalition government. But on every day since a new name of an islamic politician sneaking out (or being  smoked out) of the Green Party has emerged. The two leaders of the Green Party (mouthpieces) Åsa Romson and Gustav Fridolin have not resigned. Instead they have called for a “new start” and have asked their discredited nominating committee to investigate whether the party should be led by others or whether they should continue with a renewed mandate. By stating that they are prepared to continue they are trying to limit the calls for them to step down.

Most of the calls for resignation are directed against Åsa Romson who has been very accident prone in her choice of words (comparing the Mediterranean to Auschwitz, placing Auschwitz in Germany, calling 9/11 “an accident”….). However it has been Fridolin rather than Romson who seems to have been largely responsible for the infiltration of the Greens by radical islamists. His blind charge to get a multicultural membership – come what may – is now backfiring. Of course he is very young (32) and has very little experience, and it shows. As Education Minister in the coalition he has demonstrated his childishness.

The list of islamists leaving or taking a time-out or being forced out is growing:

Mehmet Kaplan – started the Swedish Muslims for Peace and Freedom, tried to promote the Erdogan line, consorted with Turkish right-wing groups, compared Israel to the Nazis, invited hard-line islamists to speak to the Swedish parliament, has publicly used the four-finger Muslim Brotherhood. Resigned as Housing Minister

Yasri Khan – Current Chairman of Swedish Muslims for Peace and Freedom. He was being proposed by the Green Party nominating committee as a member of the Steering Committee, refused to shake hands with women, refused to condemn capital punishment for apostasy, refused to condemn the treatment of bloggers in Saudi Arabia. Withdrew his candidature and stated he was leaving the Greens.

semanur taskin

Semanur Taskin – Leader (mouthpiece) of the Young Greens in Stockholm. Also a member of  Kaplan’s Swedish Muslims for Peace and Freedom and an Erdogan supporter. A very confused lady who supports the hijab but also sees the hijab as a symbol of oppression. Wants to introduce gender segregated swimming pools. Has abandoned the sinking ship that the Green Party is.

MP-politikern Derya Uzel Senir sa inför valet 2014 att hon och hennes parti aktivt skulle arbeta för att motverka ett erkännande av det armeniska folkmordet. Foto: Miljöpartiet

Derya Uzel Senir – Deputy to the Stockholm city council and a member of the Labour Market Board, Also a strong Erdogan supporter and a Armenian genocide denier. She has taken a time-out from all her Green party duties.

Kamal Al Rifai

Kamal al-Rifai – He is/was the Green Party deputy in Burlöv Municipality. He is also the leader of the Syrian Association in Malmö and has invited the controversial Saudi imam, Salman al-Ouda (one of Osama bin-Laden’s teachers) to speak (preach) at a fund raising event. He says he is no longer involved with the Green Party.


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