Best Brexit cartoon

The polls open in the UK in about 10 minutes. By this time tomorrow we shall learn that the UK has probably voted to remain in the EU – by a surprisingly large margin.

(Neither “leave” or “remain” fit my desires, since I would like to see the UK stay in the EU but I would like the EU to suffer a very bloody nose. A third alternative “remain with conditions” would have been my preference).

The Brexit campaign has been a boon for cartoonists and there have been many very good ones. (A simple Google search produces a huge number and the quality is pretty high).

best brexit cartoons

My favourite is one by Alexander Dubovsky in Cartoon Movement because it matches my view of a dysfunctional EU with the UK threatening Рwith the risk of being overwhelmed Рto leave a rudderless raft.

european disintegration by alexander_dubovsky

european disintegration by alexander_dubovsky





2 Responses to “Best Brexit cartoon”

  1. Helen Strand Says:

    I can also relate to this cartoon. I too hope that the UK chooses to stay and hope to see considerable EU reform in the near future. But no matter what the context, I can’t help getting annoyed about the UK being called “England”. Grrrr. Is that unreasonable??

    • ktwop Says:

      Yes, but the cartoonist is not from the UK and for most non-UK citizens, England is synonymous with the UK (much to the frustration of the Scots and the Welsh and the N Irish) In the former commonwealth countries (even Australia and S. Africa) it was and still is the “English Queen”. Outside the UK, Victoria was the English Queen rather than an Empress.

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