Flies are immortal, can reincarnate and can teleport

We have some building work going on in the yard and the door is left open at times. It has been pretty warm (about 30ºC and humid) for the last few days. Leaving the door open for 5 minutes is sufficient for 20 – 30 squatter flies to enter and take possession. They congregate mainly in the kitchen but they get everywhere in seconds. They are in my study – one floor down – and in the bedroom – one floor up – and in every bathroom even though the doors are shut.

I have flyswatters in every room.

I swat them here, I swat them there,

My wife, she swats them everywhere,

Are they immortal? Are they from hell?

Those damnable Musca domesticels

I have swatted them singly, in twos and threes (but I have never managed seven in one blow). I flush their dead bodies down the toilet, directly into the rubbish bin, wrapped in tissue or wrapped in foil. It does not matter how I kill them and how I dispose of them. They reappear in about 5 seconds. It has become quite clear that they immediately reincarnate and teleport themselves to a place of safety from where they can attack me again. Where they store their spare corporeal bodies is beyond me.

The simple and unavoidable explanation is

  1. that they are immortal,
  2. They have an infinite number of spare bodies they can reincarnate in when one is destroyed,
  3. they can teleport


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  1. Wynkin de Worde Says:

    Stop killing them – it just makes things worse.

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