Quite unexpected: Dolly Parton at 33

I only saw this yesterday but this You Tube video was posted by Tom Berry in 2010, so it’s been around for a while.

The New Yorker:

Dolly Parton must be one of the only singers around whose voice could undergo such extreme manipulation and sound not sadly distorted but, rather, beautifully remade. Her baby-high soprano has always seemed slightly unreal anyway, a record played a little too fast. As it happens, one of her longtime stage stunts is mimicking a 45 r.p.m. record played at 78 r.p.m.: she goes into full Chipmunk mode, not missing a syllable or a wave of vibrato—an offhand joke at the expense of her own voice, as well as a flourishing exhibition of her impressive control of her instrument.

Parton, slowed to a speed at which most people would sound like gloopy, slothlike creatures, comes down to a reasonable alto range, sounding like a soulful male ballad singer.

Dolly Parton was born in 1946 so here’s an image of her at 33 in 1979.

Dolly Parton by Ed Caraeff-1979 (The Red List)

Dolly Parton by Ed Caraeff-1979 (The Red List)



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