Eight years

I started this blog 8 years ago today as a means of curing writer’s block.

In that objective it has functioned very well. It’s been my relief valve and my therapy whenever I get stuck. Rather than engage in acrimonious comments and discussions when something is not to my liking on other sites, I find my solace in putting my own view down here.

3,862 posts in 8 years is a little over one post per day.

The reality is that I don’t actually post for anyone other than for myself.

Visitors to the site and readers are welcome bonuses, but the primary audience to be satisfied for any author is the author.



2 Responses to “Eight years”

  1. Jimmy Yap Says:

    It has been fun reading your blog, Krishna. More grease for your elbow!

    Cheers, Jimmy

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  2. ktwop Says:

    Thanks Jimmy.

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