4,000 posts

I started this blog on 16th April 2010 and have just reached 4,000 posts.

That’s 3,344 days and I am still ahead of my initial objective of writing a post a day.

It started off as a way of taking a break from other writing. I have never had any particular audience in mind and it has proved to be very effective therapy against “writers block”. Inevitably posts have been about any subject that happened to be uppermost in my mind at the time.

I have no aspirations to be educational or inspirational or of influencing others. I suppose – as with most writings – I keep posting to satisfy myself.


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  1. Sampath Pillai Says:


  2. Archon's Den Says:

    Impressive! I can’t think that fast. I started Dec.1, 2011, and I’m just approaching 1200. 🙂

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