Writing versus blogging

The empirical evidence is in.

It has been 6 months since I suspended my blog posts in favour of trying to move forward with some of my many stalled “writing” projects. Though the last 6 months have been a little rough on the personal front, I take it as proven that refraining from writing blog posts has increased my productivity in other areas, since 3 of 9 stalled projects are now reaching completion.

  1. A biographical article which I started over 5 years ago is now complete and I am finalising the citations and illustrations,
  2. A book which I started in 2010 is now a complete draft where only a final revision is needed, and
  3. An attempt at fiction has achieved a complete – if incoherent – plot. The only problem is that some of the best bits I have written don’t quite fit the plot. The dilemma is whether to massage the plot or to rewrite whole sections.

In any case the progress made means that my blog posts will now slowly restart, though probably very intermittently. Hopefully these 3 texts can be finished/published by this summer.



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  1. Darius Marley Says:

    Blogging can certainly become a time-suck, if we aren’t careful. When I started out, I was trying to write posts all the time, hoping that it would develop into something… and then my posts grew less frequent, while my writing also suffered. Now I stick to no more than three posts per week, while following a fairly strict writing schedule. The result: One book is finished, and another is on the way! Good luck to us both as we keep chugging along!

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