Woke by the Iowa Caucus shambles

I have been dragged out of my self-imposed hibernation by the shambles surrounding the Iowa Caucus. It ranks quite high on the entertainment scale (and certainly higher than the Eurovision song contest trials which are beginning).

The “partial” results are still awaited but the following thoughts occurred:

  1. Nothing wrong with Iowa or its caucus, only with the idiots counting and reporting the Democratic caucus.
  2. Trump won the Republican caucus, and also, it seems, the Democratic one.
  3. The “partial” results that will be first reported are those showing Sanders in the worst possible light.
  4. The cancelled results of the Des Moines Register poll and the delay in the results both – coincidentally of course – deny Sanders momentum and hide the disaster for Biden (who also coincidentally is the darling of the Democratic establishment).
  5. Voter suppression, candidate suppression, result suppression or – for the DNC – all of the above.
  6. Blaming age of voters and unfamiliarity with technology is just to hide an app not fit for purpose and incompetent developers and administrators.

Guaranteed entertainment till November.

Let the games commence.



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