It is the March equinox and it is time for some social-media resolutions

  1. Stop using Facebook, (next step deletion).
  2. Stop using Twitter, (next step deletion).
  3. Stop using LinkedIn (deletion next?).
  4. Delete Tik-Tok and Instagram.
  5. Keep WhatsApp as long as permitted (without accepting new terms and conditions).
  6. Keep Signal.
  7. Keep Zoom, MS Teams.
  8. Create an alternative email address to g-mail.

On balance, the irritation and anger they generate outweigh the positives of the social contacts they do provide. Whatever I may miss on Facebook and Twitter will not affect my life very much and I have no need for the anger and the irritation involved in suffering fools. It is time to get off the roundabout.

3 Responses to “It is the March equinox and it is time for some social-media resolutions”

  1. Dii Says:

    Can I please share your opinion on a platform I use called Retalk? I think it would be suitable.

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